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Building Beautiful Mobile Apps In Visualforce Using AngularJS And Ionic (Part 1)

This is the first part of a multi-part “video” blog that shows how to build beautiful mobile apps. It has 3 short videos that 1: Introduces AngularJS and Ionic JavaScript Frameworks, 2: Goes over an example Ionic “Single page App” code to show how AngularJS and Ionic actually work and 3. And the 3rd video shows how to port that app to Visualforce. This blog also has pointers to several hand picked AngularJS and Ionic resources to get you going in no time. Continue reading

Uploading Photos to Chatter Files with HTML5

Is it possible to use the PhoneGap APIs to capture image data in Salesforce1? No, but you CAN achieve the same end with the HTML5 File API and create a page that will work pretty much anywhere… Continue reading

Using the Salesforce Analytics API on a Visualforce Page

The new Analytics REST API, delivered in Winter ’14, gives developers programmatic access to report data defined in the Salesforce report builder. Discover how you can call the Analytics API from JavaScript. Continue reading

Capturematic: Leveraging Mobile Templates in a Backbone.js App

Capturematic Objects Page

Capturematic is an iOS app that lets you post a photo, audio or video to any Salesforce record with a Chatter feed; it’s a great example of a simple hybrid mobile app that accesses device functionality – in this case, the camera and microphone. In this blog entry I focus on the new Salesforce Mobile Templates, which provide the app with a modern mobile look-and-feel. Continue reading

Simple Calendar App with Mobile Design Templates

As a follow up to Sandeep’s introduction to our new Mobile Design Templates, I thought I would specifically visit a different template: the Calendar View. I also wanted a chance to review some of the code assembled for the Hybrid Mobile Webinar and retest it with the latest material. The end result? A super simple Calendar app that hooks into Salesforce events via the REST API. No fear, though, I’ll be updating and evolving this app over a series of blog posts. Continue reading

Setting Field Focus in Visual Workflow

Visual Workflow is a powerful Business Process Management tool built into the Force.com platform. But currently the are limits to what you can do with your flow UI. One such limit is the lack of ability to set a field focus (the active field when the page finishes rendering). When this came up in conversation recently, it got me thinking, Maybe there is a way.

Standard Visual Workflow

If you use the default flow launcher, you are brought to a standard UI that all flows use.

Basic Flow viewer. Simple and effective.


Building Mobile Apps With Mobile Pack for Knockout And Salesforce Platform

This blog walks you through building single-page mobile apps using popular Knockout JavaScript framework. It goes through our newer Knockout Mobile Pack’s architecture and app’s overall work flow. Continue reading

New Mobile Services For The Micro-Moment

Mobile has given rise to micro-moments. Micro-moments are about making the most of every minute of your day. For developers, its about speed of development, leveraging open source projects & leading frameworks, and making great mobile apps. Today we are announcing new tools and features for Enterprise mobile developers. It’s time to live, work, and code in the micro-moment! Continue reading

The Salesforce Platform is Coming to SenchaCon


Sencha Touch is one of the leading UI JavaScript libraries for creating mobile web applications with a native look and feel. It provides a set of GUI-based components for mobile apps. In just a few weeks, Josh Birk and I will be presenting some sessions at SenchaCon, Sencha’s annual developer conference. Josh will be talking about Integrating Sencha Apps with the Salesforce Platform and I’ll be talking about Salesforce Platform Mobile Services with Sencha Touch. Sencha is the peanut butter to our jelly, and we will be demonstrating their UI-made-easy paired with our MBaaS-made-easy. Continue reading

Developing Mobile Apps on Salesforce (Part 1) – Tools, Tips and Tricks

SoqlX schema

Tools have played a major role in human life. Their mere existence is to help its users achieve something quickly and easily or to solve a problem. This applies to all kinds of tools irrespective of whether we are trying to find cure to a disease or cooking food or building a mobile app. In this blog series we will talk about all the tools that are available for you to develop mobile apps on Salesforce and make you more productive. Continue reading