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How Salesforce1 Can Help Developers in India Become Mobile Developers

Salesforce Developer Salary Survey

After travelling across India I learned that unlike web development skills, developers in india don’t have much skills around mobile development. This blog shows how they can leverage Salesforce1 and quickly become mobile developers and start getting those contracts from clients. Continue reading

Mobile Application Development with Appcelerator Titanium and Force.com

Developing Mobile Applications with Force.com and Appcelerator Titanium

Learn hands-on how to develop cross-device mobile applications with Appcelerator Titanium that leverage Force.com or Database.com schemas. Continue reading

Developing Hybrid Mobile Applications Utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication

One of the hottest areas in mobile development is NFC. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a game changer in mobile functionality. Learn how to quickly build your own NFC mobile app. Continue reading

Mobile SDK 1.2: Connected Apps and SmartStore Enhancements

The new version of the Mobile SDK is out, and now it is even easier to quickly create native and hybrid applications with Force.com. In this blog, I outline these additions around data security and offline data synchronization. Continue reading

Creating Mobile Apps with PhoneGap and Database.com


PhoneGap enables developers to leverage their existing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create natively-installed mobile applications on multiple platforms that consume Web services such as Force.com and Database.com. Learn how to leverage PhoneGap in your next project. Continue reading

Mobile Application Development Library

Mobile App Development

A comprehensive map to all of our available mobile application development content. Continue reading

The Mobile Developer Challenge begins… NOW!

Gentlemen and gentleladies ~ start your IDEs!

Last week I let loose scant info on the upcoming Mobile Developer Challenge. Well folks, here are the rest of the details! For those of you with short attention spans, let me distill the essence of what you need to know:

  • Theme is mobile: whatever fantastic app you can think of using a Salesforce-ecosystem platform
  • The submission form will be available mid-June, and close July 18th. You need to create a demo video (~2 minutes) and provide your public GitHub repository link
  • Prizes are cold, hard cash: US$10,000

Creating a Mobile Component for Visualforce

Mobile Components for Visualforce

As a Visualforce developer, I’ve been reading about HTML5 features with great interest, specifically the features that add detection and optimization for mobile devices. Several weeks ago, the Mobile Components for Visualforce project was released, which got me pretty excited. I’ve been hacking with JavaScript for awhile, attempting to create speedy Visualforce apps, when I see that we are suddenly given an easy-to-use library that does exactly that, plus works on mobile devices. What a gift!

But, what black magic powers this Mobile Components framework? How is its JavaScript organized to smoothly and quickly move data from a Salesforce… Continue reading

Get Ready for the Mobile Application Developer Challenge!

Mobile App Development

Perhaps you noticed in yesterday’s newsletter the small blurb slipped into the top story about our upcoming mobile application developer challenge? Continue reading

June is Mobile Month on Developer Force

Mobile App Development

Throughout the month of June, visit Developer Force for fresh content that will help you start or advance your career as a mobile application developer. Continue reading