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Adding Salesforce PIN Security To Native And Hybrid Mobile Apps

Security is perhaps the No.1 feature of Salesforce. Salesforce provides multiple layers of security at every level starting from servers to mobile SDKs. One such security feature is “PIN Security” feature. Enable it and it will force mobile (i.e. both Native or Hybrid SDK) users to set 4 to 8 digit passcode for their app. Once enabled, if the user switches to a different app and comes back after some specified time, the app will ask for the passcode! Sweet, isn’t it?

Even cooler part is that it’s built-in and with few simple configurations, your users are ready to use it. Let’s see how it works. Continue reading

How Salesforce1 Can Help Developers in India Become Mobile Developers

Salesforce Developer Salary Survey

After travelling across India I learned that unlike web development skills, developers in india don’t have much skills around mobile development. This blog shows how they can leverage Salesforce1 and quickly become mobile developers and start getting those contracts from clients. Continue reading

Building Enterprise Mobile Apps with Salesforce Mobile Services and Appery.io

Appery.io is a cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services, and we’ve created two plug-ins that make it super easy to connect to Salesforce Platform. Max shows you how. Continue reading

Mobilize Your Apps – the Salesforce Platform ELEVATE Mobile Workshop is Here!

Elevate Mobile Track

Build an iOS or Android mobile app at the new Salesforce Platform ELEVATE Mobile Workshop! This free developer workshop covers the basics of creating a hybrid app with the Salesforce Mobile SDK, debugging, enterprise mobile functionality, and much more. The initial presentation in San Francisco is, unfortunately, sold out, but read on for more details and how to bring the ELEVATE roadshow to a city near you! Continue reading

Creating Hybrid Apps with the Salesforce Mobile Pack for Backbone.js

Since the release of the Salesforce Mobile Packs a few weeks ago, we’ve been building out from our initial set of jQuery Mobile, AngularJS and Backbone.js apps for Visualforce, Node.js and PHP. If you’ve been watching the Backbone Mobile Pack on GitHub, you’ll have noticed the recent addition of a couple of XCode projects in the samples directory: BackboneHybrid and BackboneCapture.


The BackboneHybrid sample converts the existing Contact browser sample to a hybrid app running on the Salesforce Mobile SDK (which itself is built on Cordova, aka PhoneGap). It’s interesting to look at the changes required to ‘hybridize’ the sample… Continue reading

Hybrid Apps: Mobile Device Functionality with JavaScript and Cordova

With a hybrid application, using JavaScript to build your application doesn’t mean you have to forego accessing important aspects of the native device like the camera. Here’s a quick overview of how a hybrid application uses the Cordova project to bridge between web and native. Continue reading

HTML5, AngularJS, Backbone Mobile Service Packs

Mobile Packs Accelerate Developement

With the announcement of Salesforce Platform Mobile Services comes a new set of developer tools called Mobile Packs. Mobile Packs built on popular Javascript libraries like AngularJS, Backbone,js and jQuery Mobile to make developing robust business apps for mobile devices using HTML5 while providing idiomatic access to the Salesforce Platform. Continue reading

January Developer Meetups – Denver & Boston


Heads up Denver & Boston developers – we want to meet you! We’ve got Developer Meetups in Denver and Boston this month; both covering an Intro to Force.com and an advanced look at building apps with Force.com Canvas and the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Join us in Denver on January 21st, and in Boston on January 28th. Continue reading

Building the Dreamforce Scavenger Hunt Mobile App – Part 4


The fourth, and final post in a series of blog posts describing how the Dreamforce scavenger hunt mobile application was built using the Salesforce Touch Platform and the Mobile SDK. This post covers how Cloud Hunter implemented check-ins (i.e. geolocation) and QR/Bar code scanning. Continue reading

Picture and signature capture in the Dreamforce Scavenger Hunt Mobile App


The third in a series of blog posts describing how the Dreamforce scavenger hunt mobile application was built using the Salesforce Touch Platform and the Hybrid Mobile SDK. This post covers how Cloud Hunter implemented taking pictures and capturing a user’s signature from a Visualforce page. Continue reading