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ForceJS 2: Modern JavaScript Library for the Salesforce REST APIs

ForceJS is an open source library that makes it easy to work with the Salesforce REST APIs in JavaScript applications. ForceJS can be used to develop browser-based apps, hybrid mobile apps using the Salesforce Mobile SDK and Apache Cordova, and to authenticate with Salesforce when using Lightning Out. The JavaScript world has changed a lot […]

Using Paw To Work With Salesforce REST APIs for Mobile Backends

Paw, a REST client for the Mac, makes working with the Salesforce APIs easy. Here's how you configure it to handle authentication and multiple environments. Download the the config file now.

Salesforce OAuth2 Made Easy For Native iOS Apps

Add salesforce oauth2 authentication to your native swift app in 2 minutes with the OAuthSwift GitHub repo.

Automatic for the People, Redux – Connecting your Car to the Salesforce1 Platform

The Automatic adapter contains GPS, mobile data and an accelerometer, accessible via an API that leverages OAuth and REST. Discover how to connect your car to the Salesforce1 Platform.

Building Mobile Apps for Portal Users

Back in February, I blogged about how web applications can use OAuth to obtain a token and access the Force.com API on behalf of Portal users; I’ve had a couple of questions on how to build mobile apps that do the same, so here are the details.

Hack, Learn, Network: Do All Three at the Salesforce Developer Garage!

Force.com Canvas is one of our newest technologies that allows any app in any language to run within the Salesforce UI. This, in turn, opens the door for many organizations that need a way to unlock their existing apps and make them as social. Now, we’re bringing the learning experience to you, inviting you to […]

Using Passport for OAuth with Force.com

Passport is a great Node.js middleware module for handling OAuth strategies with Express or Connect based applications. It maintains a basic concept of building out strategies which makes it easy for providers to add new strategies, as well as a small footprint of code for developers to utilize the strategy.  One of the great things […]

Creating a Master-Detail iPad app with the Mobile SDK for iOS

Here's a quick post to show you how to set up a master-detail iPad app that uses the Mobile SDK for iOS.

Insanely Simple Python REST Script

One of the main reasons to adopt REST is the simplicity of the API, compared to the juggling of formats required to send and receive SOAP messages.  We’ve had a long history of creating toolkits and libraries to ease the burden of using SOAP as a transport – so much so that when I first […]