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Building Mobile Apps for Portal Users

Back in February, I blogged about how web applications can use OAuth to obtain a token and access the Force.com API on behalf of Portal users; I’ve had a couple of questions on how to build mobile apps that do the same, so here are the details. Continue reading

Hack, Learn, Network: Do All Three at the Salesforce Developer Garage!


Force.com Canvas is one of our newest technologies that allows any app in any language to run within the Salesforce UI. This, in turn, opens the door for many organizations that need a way to unlock their existing apps and make them as social. Now, we’re bringing the learning experience to you, inviting you to meet the experts, network with peers, and hack the next Canvas-built app.

Salesforce Developer Garage is a FREE developer event, that allows the developer community to come together to hack, hear experts on what’s new and cool with the Salesforce Platform, as… Continue reading

Using Passport for OAuth with Force.com

Passport is a great Node.js middleware module for handling OAuth strategies with Express or Connect based applications. It maintains a basic concept of building out strategies which makes it easy for providers to add new strategies, as well as a small footprint of code for developers to utilize the strategy.  One of the great things about interacting with the Force.com platform is that by leveraging open technologies like OAuth2 and REST – you can choose the tools that you like to get the job done.

While tinkering with Passport, my only real problem was that there wasn’t a handy… Continue reading

Creating a Master-Detail iPad app with the Mobile SDK for iOS


Here’s a quick post to show you how to set up a master-detail iPad app that uses the Mobile SDK for iOS. Continue reading

Insanely Simple Python REST Script

One of the main reasons to adopt REST is the simplicity of the API, compared to the juggling of formats required to send and receive SOAP messages.  We’ve had a long history of creating toolkits and libraries to ease the burden of using SOAP as a transport – so much so that when I first started looking at Python again as a language (not an accident that it was around the same time Heroku added it to their polyglot platform) … I really wanted to take a step back and see how simple I could make a script functional with… Continue reading

Rails 3: which strategy for authenticating to Force.com is the best for me?


There has been some recent discussions on the activesalesforce Google groups about the best options for authenticating against the Force.com database for building apps. Here are a few thoughts based on the major user stories I see, and how to approach them Continue reading

Using Cookbook recipes to solve discussion board posts


The cookbook is a great source of answers for many of the common discussion board posts. Take a bite and find out. Continue reading

More Samples from the updated Force.com for Facebook Toolkit


I am finishing off an article on the soon to be released, updated Force.com for Facebook Toolkit, and wanted to share some code snippets in advance. Continue reading

Updates to the Facebook Toolkit for Force.com – More Examples!


I have almost completed the updates to the Facebook Toolkit for Force.com and wanted to share what the new JSON-based objects and interaction look like as well as a simple test page/controller. Let me know if anyone wants to help out finishing the wrapper objects! Continue reading