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Integrating Swift Into An Existing Salesforce iOS Project [Video]

In this video you will learn some of the basics of Apple's new programming language Swift and how to integrate it with an existing Objective-C Salesforce project.

Using SmartStore with Native iOS

Our Mobile SDK features a great bit of technology called SmartStore, which allows for secure offline storage of data. SmartStore's core goal is fill the void for encrypted data with HTML5 development, but that doesn't mean native code can't access the same features. Via HTML5, SmartStore is connected with a Cordova plugin - so when coding in Objective-C we just need to refer to to same libraries directly.

Objective-C code samples for common Force.com and iOS use cases


Here are a few Objective-C code snippets of some common use cases you will likely encounter when you start working with Force.com and custom iOS development. Mike Leach and I will be sharing some more tips during tomorrows webinar. Don't forget to register.

New and Updated iPhone and iPad samples


I've written some new and updated some of the other code samples for making all of your custom Force.com mobile apps for iPhone and iPad development dreams come true. Well, most of them anyway :)