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Tom Gersic on the Mobile SDK’s SmartStore

Snuck into the office of Model Metrics to talk SmartStore with Tom Gersic before his upcoming webinar with Shawna Wolverton on Painless Mobile Applications. Check out the interview and some more details on how SmartStore works to keep your offline data encrypted for your mobile applications. Continue reading

Offline support in Salesforce Mobile SDK

Today we released v1.1 of the Salesforce Mobile SDK. This latest version of the SDK has several enhancements, but the most significant change is the support for secure offline storage. You can now develop hybrid and native iOS and Android applications that (securely) store data on the device and allow the application to function even when the user is offline. This new feature of the Mobile SDK will help our customers and partners develop mobile applications that address complex use cases while still meeting the stringent security requirements that are typical of an Enterprise mobile application (e.g. what happens to my company’s sensitive data… Continue reading