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Hybrid Apps: Mobile Device Functionality with JavaScript and Cordova

With a hybrid application, using JavaScript to build your application doesn’t mean you have to forego accessing important aspects of the native device like the camera. Here’s a quick overview of how a hybrid application uses the Cordova project to bridge between web and native. Continue reading

Bar Code and QR Code scanning using the Mobile SDK

I recently blogged about a sample mobile application built using a combination of Visualforce and other standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (specifically JQuery Mobile). The application mobilizes the ‘Merchandise’ Custom Object by presenting a mobile optimized List and Detail View of data stored in that Object. I also demoed and dissected this application in some detail in the Mobile SDK webinar that Eugene and I recorded recently. In addition to discussing web mobile apps, i.e. applications delivered entirely via the browser on the mobile device, we also covered hybrid mobile applications developed using the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Hybrid apps fall… Continue reading

Mobile SDK 1.1: Flexible OAuth and iOS Blocks

As Sandeep just recently noted, the Mobile SDK has been updated just in time for Cloudstock with great new features like offline support for hybrid applications.  Mr. Bhanot goes into great detail on the offline component, but that’s not all that has been included in the 1.1 version of the SDK for mobile developers.

Flexible OAuth

By popular demand, the SDK also now gives the ability for hybrid applications to have more direct control over the authentication flow.  Previously, the OAuth process would be initiated whenever the application was first loaded, but now you can update specific variables in bootconfig.js… Continue reading

Developing custom Force.com apps for iOS webinar recording and FAQ now available


If you missed last weeks Developing custom Force.com apps for the iPhone and iPad webinar Mike Leach from Facebook and I presented last week – fear not! The webinar recording and FAQ is now available. Continue reading