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Mapping The Mobile IT Ecosystem

With a vast array of options and vendors to choose from, developing a mobile app can be challenging. Download this FREE mobile IT ecosystem reference poster to help you navigate the complexity of this ecosystem.

The Devzone is coming up at the Salesforce1 Tour in Amsterdam 27/05


We are very pleased to announce our first Developer Zone on May 27 during our Salesforce1 Tour in Amsterdam. For those who had a chance to attend the Developer Zone at Dreamforce, we are bringing to Amsterdam the same developer experience. In this Devzone, you’ll get the chance to: Get your FREE Technical books at […]

Salesforce1 Tour London 22/05 – 1:1 Code Consult

A visit to the Developer Zone at London Salesforce1 Tour is never complete without a technical consultation or developer skills assessment. As Salesforce Developers vets can attest, these activities provide that interpersonal touch many of us look for in the conference experience. You can now sign up for your own private, 1:1 session. Need help […]

My Top 5 Reasons to Attend ELEVATE London, March 21st

The Salesforce ELEVATE workshops are being constantly updated and improved by the Salesforce Developer Relations, Evangelist and Training teams. Simon shares his top five reasons to consider attending

New Mobile Services For The Micro-Moment

Mobile has given rise to micro-moments. Micro-moments are about making the most of every minute of your day. For developers, its about speed of development, leveraging open source projects & leading frameworks, and making great mobile apps. Today we are announcing new tools and features for Enterprise mobile developers. It's time to live, work, and code in the micro-moment!

Build Connected Mobile Apps in JavaScript with New Salesforce Platform Mobile Services

Too often mobile business apps are created in silos - disconnected from customer data. The new Salesforce Platform Mobile Services solves this problem with the Mobile SDK 2.0, and new open source Developer Mobile packs for leading JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js, and jQuery Mobile that developers know and love, and make it easy to connect to backend mobile services on the Salesforce Platform. Here's what you need to know.

Dreamforce 2012 Top 10 Developer Moments

Dreamforce 2012 was unbelievable! I've finally caught up on my sleep, and wanted to take some time to reflect on my top 10 moments of this years event.

New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group Meetup — My Experience

New Delhi Salesforce Platform User Group

For Force.com MVP Ankit Arora, the recent Salesforce Platform Developer User Group meeting in New Delhi was a life changer.

August 2 Intro to Force.com Bay Area Meetup is On!

Join the meetup on August 2nd, starting at 6:30pm to learn how easy it is to build apps on Force.com. Come enjoy some informational talks, get some hands on experience, and network over food & beverages. It doesn't matter what your educational or professional background is—everyone is welcome to this beginner session on Force.com codeless cloud application development!

July 12 New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer Meetup is On!

Welcome to the New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group!  With great interest from the developer community, Saurabh Pandey (@SaurabhTwittes), our Developer Force community leader has decided to lead the DUG.  To start it of in the right step, the inaugural of the New Delhi Salesforce Platform Developer User Group is planned in Noida on July 12. More than 100 […]