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Passing Objects to Future Annotated Methods

The future annotation is a great feature in the Salesforce Platform. However, it only supports primitives for argument methods. Using the JSON serialize|deserialize methods, you can easily pass sObjects and custom objects. Here's how.

Dreamforce 2012 Top 10 Developer Moments

Dreamforce 2012 was unbelievable! I've finally caught up on my sleep, and wanted to take some time to reflect on my top 10 moments of this years event.

Win Jay-Z & Kanye West VIP Tickets At Cloudstock London

Join 2000 other Developers on Tuesday May 22nd for the free Cloudstock London developer event, and participate in challenges to win VIP box tickets to the Jay-Z and Kanye West Watch The Throne Tour at the O2 arena!

Chatter REST API & the Apigee Console

I'm presenting on the Chatter API at Cloudstock London in a few weeks. During the session I am going to rely on my go to tool for working with the Chatter API response payload - Apigee Console. If you are coming to Clockstock London, I've got a few more tricks and tips lined up. If you can't make, definitely check out the Apigee Console for supercharging your Chatter API development

Social Enterprise Apps: Engagement & Discovery with the Chatter API Webinar Recordings

The recording and FAQ from the 4/28/2012 Chatter API webinar is now available. For me, the Chatter API lets me focus on two critical aspects of building Social Enterprise apps: engagement and discover.

Chatter API and the Mobile SDK

In honor of next week's Chatter API webinar, I wanted to dig into some of code from the iPad app that we demoed in the developer keynote at #cloudforce + #cloudstock, and how you can use the Mobile SDK and the Chatter REST API to make any app social.

Mobile Development Learning Path at Cloudstock, San Francisco

Cloudforce+Cloudstock is on March 15th in San Francisco. This is the first of a series of posts detailing developer learning paths for sessions. If are interested in mobile development, here is your guide for the best developer sessions to attend.

Social Enterprise Blueprints

Cloudforce + Cloudstock is in San Francisco, on March 15th. I am presenting a session titled Social Enterprise Blueprints. This session is going to provide a lightweight methodology designed for individuals looking at how to begin implementing the Social Enterprise.

Visual Contacts with Visualforce & CSS3

Visualforce is a fantastic container for other web libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5. Here is a unique way to display Contacts within Salesforce.com

Working smarter with the new Developer Console

#Cloudforce NYC is on 11/30. I am presenting on Five Developer tips every admin should know. One of these tips is about using the new Developer Console available in #winter12. The repository viewer alone, has changed how I work with Force.com.