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Communities Containers: Options for Building Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities

With the Summer ‘13 release of Salesforce Communities, we’ve started to provide our customers with a powerful set of tools to engage people outside their organization: consumers, customers, prospects, resellers, partners, integrators, dealers, and other constituencies. But every business has a unique set of constituencies with a unique set of needs. Our legacy partner and customer portals were largely used as vertically-oriented process portals: they were set up for a specific purpose (customer self-service, origination of high-touch service, and channel pipeline tracking), and the primary engagement tools involved either maintenance of data and process (logging cases, registering leads

Communities + Site.com = Like

Site.com + Communities = Like

The Summer ’13 launch of Salesforce Communities brought us a host of new tools to engage customers, partners, and anyone else in your company’s ecosystem. The legacy Salesforce Customer and Partner portals were great tools to expose process and data to customers and resellers/partners, but data and process were only 1/3 of the tools most companies need to drive customer loyalty, promote self-service, and turbocharge partner enablement and revenue.

One key capability launched in Summer ’13 is the inclusion of pages and tabs driven by Site.com in a community. This allows IT departments to delegate the creation and maintenance… Continue reading

Oct 19: Free Code Consultation Sign-ups for Cloudforce NY

Since the Code Consultations at Dreamforce ’12 were jam packed, I have decided to make the Code Consultations part of the Developer Zone at Cloudforce NY on October 19. The consultation will provide you help architecting or coding your application, as well as get technical help with building applications in the cloud. Reserve you private 1-on-1 code consultation with a Force.com expert.

Spots are going fast, so reserve now!… Continue reading

Ready, Set, Go! Launching Nine India Sub-Continent Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups

With cloud computing being top of mind for developers in the Indian subcontinent , we are seeing large groups of developers jumping on board to learn about building next generation apps on the Salesforce Platform. The excitement is building up  news with local developer community leaders identifying themselves to lead Salesforce Platform Developer User Groups in Bangalore, New Delhi, Sri Lanka, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kochi and Chennai.

Are you an individual developer who is interested in building apps on the Salesforce Platform, wants to dive deep into the Salesforce Platform or would like build your future career on… Continue reading

A Day of Coding in the Cloud at Cloudstock London – Do Not Miss Out!

The excitement for the CloudStock London Developer event is building. It is an amazing experience, you do not want to miss. Here’s a quick guide to what developers can expect on May 22. Continue reading

Free Cloudstock London event on May 22: Reserve your complimentary 1-on-1 Code Consultation

Cloudstock London (free developer events) will be on May 22 at the ExCel London. If you are not registered, please do so.

We are also bringing the free Code Consultation program to the Cloudstock DevZone. You will have an opportunity to meet with a Force.com expert for 30 minutes in a private code consultation and receive best practice coding & architecting advice. Do not forget to bring your code for a code walk through!

If you are already registered for Cloudstock London, sign-up for a free one-on-one code consultation. If not, register for the event first (the event confirmation page and… Continue reading

Site.com Forms…As Easy as Drag and Drop!

Finished Product

The Spring 12 release of Site.com introduced a host of powerful features designed to help you build compelling, powerful sites. We covered using repeaters and data tables in a prior post. Now we’ll take the next logical step. Site.com helps you create and manage forms, allowing your visitors to submit new leads, cases, registration submissions, or any other object on the Force.com platform.

Developing a Palette for Site.com Forms

In my last Site.com-related post, I detailed how to create product listing page and a product details page using repeaters.

This is a common pattern on many commercial sites. Visitors… Continue reading