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Control Your Quadcopter Drone Fleet with Salesforce1

Let's say -- hypothetically --  your VP of Drone Fleet Operations just asked you to help her handle drone management, route planning, payload optimization and more. What do you do? Well, there's a few approaches to tackling the problem. Approach #1 is all about controlling drones using the Salesforce1 Mobile app. That's what I'm going to talk about today.

Visualizing Salesforce Data… in Minecraft!?

Taking a break after Dreamforce 2013, it occurred to me that I could create a Minecraft mod to visualize business data in 3D. Discover how 'Forcecraft' represents Salesforce Accounts by buildings, and maps Opportunity Stage changes to in-game events. It's a proof-of-concept for visualizing your Salesforce data. You can immediately see which Account has the most Opportunities, and dig deeper into the data in a very interactive way. It's also a great demonstration of the richness of the Force.com APIs - you really can access every byte of your Salesforce data, and metadata, via the APIs and manipulate it in any app you choose.

Dynamic Reporting – Integrating the Force.com Analytics and Streaming APIs

Analytics Chart on a Visualforce Page

The Analytics API allows you to build web pages that show your report data however you desire, but how do you ensure your users have an up-to-the-second analysis? See how to use the Streaming API to make your data come alive!

Get 30% discount for Renaissance – The iOS app maker’s conference

If you are going to be in the San Francisco bay area between Jan 21-23, mark your calendar for Renaissance, the iOS app maker’s conference. Since Salesforce is sponsoring @renaissanceio, I was able to get a special 30% discount code. Take advantage of this offer and register by this Sunday (registration closes). On Monday, Jan 21, Marcus Torres, […]

Editing Streaming Topics with Visualforce (and controlling Visualforce state)

I created a quick Visualforce page to help manage the Streaming API I had been testing out in my dev org. Having spent a lot of time lately tinkering with jQuery and JavaScript Remoting based interfaces, I also wanted to use this as an excuse to go back to developing with a normal viewstate-based form, especially since I knew it would probably easier to bind the PushTopic object against the apex form tags than to roll my own solution for it.

Responsive Visualforce using Streaming API and Asynchronous Apex

This blog post describes how developers can combine Batch Apex and the Streaming API to implement an asynchronous UI design pattern that makes Visualforce pages more responsive and user friendly.

Node.js and the Streaming API – a Perfect Match?

When the time came round to submit sessions for Dreamforce 2011, our cousins at Heroku were just rolling out the public beta of their new Celadon Cedar stack, including Node.js support, while, here at Force.com, the Streaming API was moving towards its limited developer preview. Node.js’ event-driven behavior seemed well suited for the Streaming API […]

Summer of APIs: Streaming, Apex & Chatter

This summer you can choose from a feast of Force.com APIs currently in Developer Preview: The Apex REST API lets you surface Apex methods as REST-based web services (webinar signup) Check out Sandeep's blog post about Apex REST, which includes a nice code sample. The Chatter REST API provides a nice, clean, REST API for […]