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From the Wiki: Apex Design Patterns and Other Tips

We've had a few new articles hit the wiki recently which highlight very technical aspects of Apex. Apex is a very flexible language that can accomplish quite a bit with only a few lines of code - but that ability means that developers often don't have a lot of experience that leads up to architecting large applications on the platform. Here are some words of wisdom which can help an Apex developer navigate some of the issues when creating more complex applications.

Testing Apex Callouts using HttpCalloutMock

Learn how to test Apex HTTP callouts using the new HttpCalloutMock feature.

Testing HTTP Callouts with Static Data in Winter ’13

One of the most eagerly awaited Winter '13 features, at least for developers, has been the ability to test Apex callouts. In this blog entry, I look at how you can mock up callout responses using data in static resources.

Build And Deploy A Free Cloud App: 3 Best Practices Articles Now Available!

Cloudforce San Jose

3 articles written to support the Cloudforce/Developer Conference track titled "Build And Deploy A Free Cloud App" are now live. Is you mind sharp as a Ginzu? Read the articles and get some mental flint stone!