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Lightning Components in Visualforce with Lightning Out

Lightning Out is a feature that extends Lightning Apps and acts as a bridge to surface Lightning Components in any remote web container. This means you can use your Lightning Components inside of an external site (i.e. Sharepoint or SAP), in a hybrid app built with the Mobile SDK, or even elsewhere in the App Cloud like on Heroku or in a Visualforce (VF) Page. This article covers the basics of how to put Lightning Components in Visualforce pages, and mitigate navigation for different app environments you might be using the component in simultaneously.

Loading External JavaScript And CSS Libraries To Lightning Components

ltng:resource is a new Lightning Component that makes it trivial to load 3rd party JavaScript and CSS to a component. This blog shows how to use ltng:resource.


A Wrap-up of New Force.com Articles, Blogs and Video Tutorials

Get a wrap-up of all the latest new articles, blogs, video tutorials and developments organized by topic in this quick-reference post.

JavaScript, KnockoutJS and Visualforce

Build A Fast Account Rolodex in Visualforce Using KnockoutJS and CSS

Learn to create a mobile-oriented Visualforce page that leverages custom CSS and KnockoutJS to build an easy-to-use contact editor that facilitates easy and quick editing of all contacts on an account.


Apex Continuations: Asynchronous Callouts from Visualforce Pages

Asynchronous Callouts, generally available with Spring '15, are a new Apex feature that allow you to escape the limit of ten concurrent long-running callouts, where 'long-running' means 'more than five seconds'. Discover how you can use Asynchronous Callouts with JavsScript Remoting.

learn salesforce with trailhead

Learn Salesforce with Trailhead and Challenge Yourself on the Force.com Platform

Meet Trailhead, a fast & easy way to get started with building cloud apps on the Salesforce1 Platform. Track your progress through an interactive learning path via points & badges! Plus, explore newly released content & features.


Adding Javascript, HTML5 and CSS to Your Visualforce Pages

Learn how to enhance your Visualforce pages using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.

Apex Best Practices: The 15 Apex Commandments

Follow these 15 Apex Commandments for developing applications with Apex code and Visualforce.

Best Practices for Visualforce Page Performance

Best Practices for Improving Visualforce Page Performance

Learn these best practices for improving the performance of your Visualforce pages.


Master Visualforce: Top Must Watch Videos!

Learn how to quickly build cloud apps with beautiful UIs with these hand selected webinars and videos.