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Build Charts with History Tracking Data and the Analytics API

With the Spring’14 release the Salesforce Analytics API allows users to dynamically choose date and get historical data. Check out this sample on historical trending to learn how you can build historical reports and then create visualizations off of that report metadata. Continue reading

Getting Started on Salesforce1 Platform with an “Hour of Code”


This week is Computer Science Education Week, and is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students interests in computer science. My question to you is, why does this need to stop at kids? Why can’t it also be people looking to change careers, grow their current skill set, or simply gain experience in a new technology? Short answer, it can! And just like happy shouldn’t be limited to an hour, computer science education can far extend just this week… Read this blog to find getting started material on various forms of development like point-and-click development, mobile, integration, and more! Continue reading

Salesforce1 Cures the App Boogie Fever

App Boogie Fever!

Developer Evangelists Samantha Ready and Pat Patterson dress up and have some fun showing you how to build a Salesforce1 mobile app, including geolocation and photo capture, in just 30 minutes. Continue reading

Extend your Salesforce1 App with Mobile Cards

One of the new features in the Salesforce1 arsenal is your ability to create mobile cards. A mobile card is an area of the enhanced page layout where you can drag in Visualforce pages or expanded lookups for mobile viewing. This section of the layout can be viewed from the Salesforce1 app on the related information page of a record detail view. Think of it like how traditionally in page layout editor you could drag Visualforce pages into any section on the layout and see it embedded in the record detail page. Mobile cards are the same deal, but they only show up in mobile interfaces. Continue reading

Salesforce Developers Releases All New Salesforce1 Library

Salesforce1 Visualforce in Practice

This week at Dreamforce 2013, the Developer Relations group launched an entire library of books, workbook tutorials, and cheat sheets, along with hands-on workshops and a new Salesforce1 Quick Start to get developers going with Salesforce1, Force.com, Heroku, ExactTarget and other platform technologies. Continue reading

GoInstant & Visualforce: Create Real-time, Multi-user Apps on the Salesforce Platform

GoInstant (which is part of Salesforce) is a JavaScript API for integrating real-time, multi-user experiences into any web or mobile application. It’s easy to use and provides the full stack needed from client-side widgets to pub/sub messaging to a real-time data store. GoInstant is secure and scales automatically with your application’s needs. Continue reading

Uploading Photos to Chatter Files with HTML5

Is it possible to use the PhoneGap APIs to capture image data in Salesforce1? No, but you CAN achieve the same end with the HTML5 File API and create a page that will work pretty much anywhere… Continue reading

Chatter Mobile 4.2 and Visualforce Publisher Actions

It was a quiet update: version 4.2 of Chatter Mobile, now available. No fanfare. Maybe you get a lot of update notifications on your iPhone, so you didn’t notice. Maybe you have never downloaded Chatter Mobile. Maybe…you should. Read on to learn how to add a Visualforce Page as a Quick Action in Chatter Mobile. Continue reading

Dynamic Reporting – Integrating the Force.com Analytics and Streaming APIs

Analytics Chart on a Visualforce Page

The Analytics API allows you to build web pages that show your report data however you desire, but how do you ensure your users have an up-to-the-second analysis? See how to use the Streaming API to make your data come alive! Continue reading

Agenda Builder Live: #DevZone Sessions To Catch

Now that the official Agenda Builder is live and developers can start compiling their calendar for Dreamforce, we will be highlighting sessions over the next couple of weeks. To kick things off, we wanted to point out some sessions that might be filling up fast and developers might want to get in on the ground floor, so to speak. This is, of course, just a small sample of the content available for you in Agenda Builder for the DevZone. Continue reading