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Best Practices for Improving Visualforce Page Performance

Best Practices for Visualforce Page Performance

Learn these best practices for improving the performance of your Visualforce pages.

Master Visualforce: Top Must Watch Videos!

Learn how to quickly build cloud apps with beautiful UIs with these hand selected webinars and videos.

Building Chart Components with Google Polymer and Force.com

Learn how to use Google Polymer with Salesforce to built robust, scalable, modular and re-usable components that works smoothly with Force.com

Building Salesforce1 Mobile Apps with Visualforce, AngularJS, and Bootstrap

Learn how to style Salesforce1 mobile apps using Visualforce, AngularJS and Bootstrap

A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce1

After scouring the interwebs, I realized there was no single place where I could access relevant resources for all of the developer customization points in Salesforce1. As such, I wanted outline a few of the key points on the app to hopefully fast ramp anyone hoping to use the app container for mobile development.

RevealJS meets Force.com

What if you could click a button and a slide-show or presentation automatically generated itself from your Force.com data. With RevealJS, a Javascript library for building pure HTML and CSS slides and presentations and the Visualforce running on the Force.com platform, you can. In this series of videos I walk through two uses of RevealJS on the Force.com platform. The first is a static presentation, just to show getting RevealJS working on Force.com. The second is dynamic, completely driven by the data in the Force.com environment.

Building Beautiful Mobile Apps In Visualforce Using AngularJS And Ionic – Part 3 (Remote Objects)

This is the 3rd installment of the "Building Beautiful Mobile Apps.." video blog series. In this we will explore how we can use the new Visualforce Remote Objects ((available as of Spring '14) ) technique in our AngularJS and Ionic app to interact with Salesforce. We will also see how it compares with Remote Actions.

Building Beautiful Mobile Apps In Visualforce Using AngularJS And Ionic – Part II

This is a continuation of Part 1 of my previous blog that had 3 short videos about AngularJS, Ionic and also how to port it to Visualforce. In this blog we will take a look at how to make our example Ionic app interact with Salesforce and then make it work inside Salesforce1 mobile app.

See Your Visualforce Pages on TV with Chromecast!

With a $35 Google Chromecast and the 'Visualforce on Chromecast' app, you can display any Visualforce Page on any HD TV or monitor - perfect for your conference booth, office, or den!

Styling for Salesforce1 Mobile with the OneStarter jQuery Plugin

As it turns out, there is an online resource to help developers style pages like Salesforce1: The Salesforce1 Style Guide. This shows several examples of how the HTML within the Salesforce1 mobile interface is built out, complete with CSS styles. This is great, but I had a couple of complications in trying to use it ... the first was there was no handy download to get all the CSS and supporting files, and the second that quite a bit of the CSS relies on using several different classes. That was when I started pulling things together and it occurred to me that jQuery could handle the CSS transformations for me.