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Optimized Heroku-Force.com Integration Using Redis and Apex REST

Asynchronous/Batch (After)

Second part of a series that explores the design and code for Social Web-to-Lead, a Node.js application running on Heroku that allows Facebook users to save their contact information in Salesforce via a ‘Contact Me’ link. This post reviews how the application uses a Redis database and a custom Apex REST service to implement a more efficient design that consumes fewer Force.com API calls. Continue reading

Creating a Force.com-Backed Facebook App on Heroku

Synchronous/Real-time (Before)

This post describes the design and architecture of Social Web-to-Lead, a Node.js Facebook application running on Heroku that allows Facebook users to enter their contact information via a ‘Contact Me’ link. That information is then captured as a Lead record in Salesforce. Continue reading

Facebook + Heroku + Force.com = Social Web-to-Lead

A Social Enterprise takes a different perspective on how to engage with your customers, partners and employees. But what about the developer? How can we leverage the Salesforce Platform to develop applications that are inherently social and engaging? Case in point. How can you take one of the most basic (yet powerful) functions of CRM – the Web-to-Lead function – and make it more social? There is of course a very robust Web-To-Lead feature in Salesforce, but I thought I’d think a little outside the box and develop a custom Web-To-Lead application that leverages the power of the biggest, baddest social… Continue reading