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Salesforce Developer Skills Lead to Dream Job


When David Liu emailed Marc Benioff for a Dreamforce pass, he didn’t expect an answer. Now, he’s a Salesforce Architect at Google. Continue reading

Xamarin Mobile Pack Webinar

Next Thursday, I’ll be joining Zach Gramana of Xamarin on a webinar to get an overview of their recently released Salesforce SDK Component, one of the many new mobile packs. Xamarin is the provider of Xamarin Studio, and IDE which allows you to create iOS and Android applications using C# as your programming language. Continue reading

Whats Up with Winter ’13?

Salesforce Winter

Winter ’13 will bring several great new features for developers to play with. In addition, at Dreamforce there were a couple new features on the roadmap that extended the new releases for winter. Be sure to check out the release notes to read about all of the cool new features coming soon and the Dreamforce session recordings as they become available! Continue reading

Winter ’13 Cloud Trivia Winners

A winner is you

Congratulations from our Winter ’13 Cloud Trivia winner! Read more to see if you made the list. Continue reading

Tom Gersic on the Mobile SDK’s SmartStore

Snuck into the office of Model Metrics to talk SmartStore with Tom Gersic before his upcoming webinar with Shawna Wolverton on Painless Mobile Applications. Check out the interview and some more details on how SmartStore works to keep your offline data encrypted for your mobile applications. Continue reading

Ruby on Rails plus Heroku: A Match Made in Heaven

Ruby on Rails

A few years ago, I heard about a new open-source web app framework called Ruby on Rails. I noticed an early buzz around Ruby on Rails and just knew that I had to learn more about it.

My gut was right. Since my first look at Ruby on Rails, it has become one of the most popular web app development frameworks in use today, and has no doubt influenced many other web app development frameworks.

Once I developed a couple of RoR apps, I needed to decide where to deploy. After some research, I decided to try out… Continue reading

Siteforce Webinar Now Showing


In case you missed it or want to see it again, our Siteforce webinar recording from October 31, 2011 is now available. Siteforce provides you with WYSWIG-style tools to build and deliver awesome web sites. Watch as experts Sonali Agrawal and Eric Dorgelo preview the ins and outs of this new product, provide you with detailed demonstrations, and teach you how you can create and run your web site on Siteforce.

Watch it now… Continue reading

Database.com Sneak Peek Webinar


Join us on June 3, 2011 for a sneak peek at Database.com. You’ll leave with a great understanding of Database.com and see some exciting demos of its key features. Continue reading

Summer 11 Pre-release and the System.URL class


The Summer 11 pre-release program is now available. Have you signed up for it, and the pre-release webinar on May 10th? If you have, you may have noticed a very helpful new Apex class, System.URL. Continue reading

Developing custom Force.com apps for iOS webinar recording and FAQ now available


If you missed last weeks Developing custom Force.com apps for the iPhone and iPad webinar Mike Leach from Facebook and I presented last week – fear not! The webinar recording and FAQ is now available. Continue reading