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Winter ’13 Tweet Chat Q&A with Salesforce Product Managers

Winter 13

Join Salesforce Product Managers for a Tweet Chat on November 14, 9:00am PT to learn about Winter '13's new capabilities in Force.com, Database.com and Site.com. Use the hashtag #Winter13QA and get your questions answered by our experts.

Create Animated Charts with Visualforce

Looking to use the new Visualforce Charting types now that its generally available? This article contains code walkthroughs, pictures, and links to other full examples on developerforce and GitHub. Check out these examples of all of the new chart types as well as a JavaScript remoting example for advanced rendering capabilities!

Testing HTTP Callouts with Static Data in Winter ’13

One of the most eagerly awaited Winter '13 features, at least for developers, has been the ability to test Apex callouts. In this blog entry, I look at how you can mock up callout responses using data in static resources.

68 Shiny New Apex String Methods in Winter ’13

The Winter '13 release adds 68 methods to the Apex String class. Every Apex developer should study them in detail - they will improve performance, make your code more readable and consume fewer script statements. This blog entry details a selection of the new methods.

Whats Up with Winter ’13?

Salesforce Winter

Winter '13 will bring several great new features for developers to play with. In addition, at Dreamforce there were a couple new features on the roadmap that extended the new releases for winter. Be sure to check out the release notes to read about all of the cool new features coming soon and the Dreamforce session recordings as they become available!

Winter ’13 Cloud Trivia Winners

A winner is you

Congratulations from our Winter '13 Cloud Trivia winner! Read more to see if you made the list.

Winter ‘13 Cloud Trivia is On!

There’s a lot of excitement in the air with Dreamforce ‘12 just a week away and the new Winter ‘13 release fast approaching. What better way to get in the spirit but with some healthy, competitive Winter ‘13 Cloud Trivia?