Data Scientist wins first place!

Salesforce Data Scientist Wins First Prize!

Salesforce Data Scientist Quoc Le wins Driven-Data's data science competition to save the world.

The Platform Cache

We are adding a cache to the Salesforce1 Platform. You’re welcome.

Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows is ready for Microsoft Developers

With the release of Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows, we’re excited to welcome Microsoft developers to the Salesforce community. Mobile developers can now use their favorite tools like Visual Studio, C#, NuGet and a myriad of .NET frameworks to build beautiful mobile apps. With these apps, companies can connect to their customers in whole new […]

#SFWITWednesday: Women In Tech Organizations You Should Know About!

List of 25 organization Women in Tech can be a part of, learn from, or contribute to!


Salesforce Hosts Techbridge Girls

Salesforce hosts Techbridge girls to help them discover a passion for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.


Overcommitting in Agile: (Part 2) 11 Practical Solutions

In part 1 of this Overcommitting in Agile series, I outlined the challenges that can result from overcommitting. I contended that we should prioritize product throughput over resource utilization to ensure we’re delivering features our customers love faster. In this blog, we’ll explore that further and I’ll also propose 11 practical solutions to combat overcommitting.


Overcommitting in Agile: (Part 1) The Perils

In 30 years developing software, managing organizations, and coaching Agile teams and organizations, I’ve observed and coached dozens of teams where overcommitting is a strong reality. I’ve seen sprint plans with planned velocities that were 2x or more than the team’s average historical velocity. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why overcommitting happens and what it results in. Then in part two, we’ll cover what the likely root cause behind overcommitment is and explore some ideas to try to avoid overcommitting going forward. Overcommitting is not specific to any one company.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join the Next Hackathon

A hackathon is like a two-day coding party where everyone is invited! And there are lots of cool reasons why you should join the next one in your area. We'll cover just six of the biggest reasons why you should participate!