Visualforce email templates sample

Visualforce Email Templates Sample

the Winter ’09 release you can now take advantage of the new
Visualforce Email Templates, which leverages the innovative Visualforce
technology to also provide the underlying framework for email

To see an example and learn how you can build Visualforce email templates visit the Developer Network and see the sample click here

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  • April Campbell

    Thanks for the example. I used it to create an email template showing me all the Opportunity Products associated to an opportunity.
    I do have one question. I have a custom field that is HTML, i want to display that HTML in my Visualforce email template, but instead of interpreting the HTML, it actually writes the HTML in the template. Is there a way around it? I can’t seem to find the answer.

  • Reid Carlberg

    Hey April —
    What tag are you using to output the HTML? If you’re using “” set the escape attribute to false.
    Hope that helps.

  • Greg Glaser

    Hi, April –
    I’m about to go down the same path of adding Opportunity Product details (so glad we can do this now!)–would you be interested in sharing your code or the basic framework?

  • Jorge

    I’m also interested in getting the code for adding Opportunity product details to the VF template. Were you able to get your hands on the code?

  • Elly Bockley

    I created my first VF Email Template and all was fine in Sandbox. When I deployed it all to Production I get the following error:
    Error occurred trying to load the template for preview: Collection size 1,393 exceeds maximum size of 1,000.. Please try editing your markup to correct the problem.
    When I use the template it works fine. Should I be concerned?

  • Anonymous

    Hello i was working in a Email template for sending Emails to costumers ,i was in the part where assign the recipient type but the system told me that i can use a Lead ,User and a Contact but not with a Account
    I wonder if you know some way to make a Email Template for a Account.