String bar = ‘raised’;

The Developer Security Quiz Challenge has been going on for a couple weeks.  Not too long ago there was a 20 Way Tie – but that's old news.  We've got a new high score.


You can beat it.  Lets have the first 100% score!

We'll close the contest at 23:59:59 PST on 11/30.  Get your quiz in today -


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  • Robert

    The new bar is 100%. Lots of 90%s in the past couple days.

  • I replaced the strings of my electric guitar, and I noticed that the bridge was raised up like I was pressing on the whammy bar a little. I put them on right, and the strings arent too tight or wrapped around to much. its like the strings are pulling the bridge up. any ideas?

  • Robert

    Impressive. 3 folks scored 100% and more then a dozen scored 90%. I’ll post the details and congrats once I get all the right contact info.

  • Mohammad Afzal

    This quiz was a great learning. Looking forward to learn some more, looking forward to next quiz 🙂

  • Robert

    Thanks Mohammad. There’s some interest in expanding this to other areas as well. We’ll definitely have more Spot The Bugs in the meantime though.