We’re happy to announce the availability of the Database.com SDK for Java and Spring from salesforce.com. This delivers VMforce, the open Java cloud initiative announced by salesforce.com and VMware last year. Java and Spring developers can now build applications for Force.com and Database.com and deploy to Heroku, Cloudfoundry.com or any other platform that supports Java.

The Spring framework is a key ingredient in cloud portability. Applications can be configured once and deployed to many different targets without changing anything. This is useful for managing environments across development, staging and production and for moving applications between different clouds.

The Database.com SDK includes a plugin for Spring Roo that makes it incredibly simple to build a complete CRUD web application from scratch with a few Roo commands. The Roo integration is currently available in the latest source code for Spring Roo. It will be part of the next release of Roo.

A Spring Security plugin lets Spring developers use the powerful declarative security model of this framework with Database.com as the underlying authentication and authorization mechanism. You can build a Spring application with full security and sharing features without having to code any authentication or authorization logic in the application itself. Simply perform declarative checks with Spring Security and delegate the rest to Database.com.

Data in Database.com is accessible through a JPA provider which is configured in Spring just like Hibernate and other JPA providers. Once configured, developers can define an ORM using standard JPA entities just as with any other relational database. The SDK also makes it easy to access Force.com and Database.com APIs directly for more advanced requirements.

Database.com is a game-changer for Java apps. Built for the social enterprise, it includes a social data model, file storage, user management, authentication and development tools that make it easy to build amazing social and mobile apps. It’s a multi-tenant, shared architecture that manages itself. Developers and enterprises no longer need to worry about scaling, tuning, upgrades and backups. We’ll be providing more updates on Database.com at Dreamforce 2011, next week so stay tuned.

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  • http://www.jonmountjoy.com/ Jon Mountjoy


  • http://www.jonmountjoy.com/ Jon Mountjoy

    To learn more, see the ‘Building Java Applications with the Database.com Java SDK’ session on Thursday at Dreamforce.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the best place to raise bugs/issues. I seem to have some problems with OAuth and Config loading in 22.0.3/22.0.6

    • Jesper Joergensen

      Hi Steve,

      I noticed you already posted on Github issues. That’s the right place. Someone will respond there. Thanks for your interest!

  • sudheer sunny

    how to display advanced log records details of salesforce in jsp using spring