Using SOQL to Determine Your User’s Permissions

Permission sets make admin’s lives easier by assigning permissions to users with more granularity than what a profile already provides. Using SOQL enables admins to view those permission assignments across their user’s profile and permission sets. Continue reading

Helping Mobile Application Developers Reach Millions of Users

AppExchange Mobile Icon

To help you find the perfect mobile app and to help developers reach millions of active users, visit AppExchange Mobile — the first cross-platform marketplace dedicated to enterprise mobile apps. Continue reading

New Geolocation Summer ’12 Features and Mobile Apps

Geolocation for Mobile Apps

Mobile applications will find the new geolocation support, in special pilot for Summer ’12, useful for providing location-based search on Salesforce objects. Continue reading

Architect Salesforce Record Ownership Skew for Peak Performance in Large Data Volume Environments

Salesforce customers who manage large data volume in their orgs must architect record ownership carefully to ensure peak performance.  When you have a large number of records owned by a single user in Salesforce, we call that an “ownership skew”.  There are many cases which lend themselves well to this type of architecture.  While any object can have an “ownership skew”, the most common cases involve Contacts without the concept of an owner, Accounts that are worked by a team without the concept of an owner, and unassigned Cases or Leads.  Since every record is required to have an owner… Continue reading