Technical Enablement Case Study – Complex Sales Realignment


XYZ Corp is a large technology company with a very highly customized Salesforce implementation. At the time of engagement, XYZ was just recovering from a chaotic and costly end-of-year realignment of their Sales hierarchy and account assignments. Not only did the realignment take far longer than originally planned, but Sales estimated that far from kicking the year off with a bang, the company actually lost revenue opportunities in the first month from the delays. The Salesforce Technical Enablement team was engaged to help ensure a smoother realignment for the coming year-end, providing best practice advice on both technical… Continue reading

Introducing Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) services for Web and mobile applications, delivered through the simplicity, transparency, and trust of the Salesforce Platform. Learn more. Continue reading

New at Dreamforce 12: Canvas Canvas Pillars

One of the exciting new features that you will hear about at this year’s Dreamforce is Canvas. Many of the keynotes and breakout sessions explore how you can use it to wire existing applications into salesforce, as well as develop new applications using any language that can work with Continue reading

Whats new in Winter ’13 for Visual Workflow?

Winter ’13 is another exciting release for Visual Workflow! Here are some of the key features you can expect:

New Field Types

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We looked at all the feedback from our customers and one of the top requests was for Flows to support multi-select choices. You asked for it, you got it! In Winter ’13 we’re giving you two flavors of multi-select choices for your flow
1. Multi-select checkboxes – These are a great tool for use cases such as surveys
2. Multi-select picklists – Use these if you like the classic… Continue reading

“Group membership operation already in progress” – Managing Group Membership Locks for Success

Salesforce uses a central Group object to manage visibility related to the Role Hierarchy, Territory Hierarchy, Public Groups and Queues.  When administrative changes occur in these areas a group membership lock is taken to ensure data integrity is maintained while complex sharing calculations are completed.  The following activities take out group membership locks for the duration of their transaction:

  • Role creation
  • Role deletion
  • Moving a role in the hierarchy
  • Adding a user to a territory
  • Removing a user from a territory
  • Moving a territory in the hierarchy
  • Territory deletion
  • Territory creation