Extending Visualforce for External Code Editors

Extending Visualforce for external editors to allow developers generate a bunch of code with a few keystrokes to automate repetitive and mundane tasks and increase productivity.

Recently I came across a plugin for multiple IDEs called Emmet. It allows developers to skip all the pain of typing in repetitive / monotonous HTML and CSS by generating snippets from (defined and customizable) abbreviations. With Emmet we can quickly write a bunch of codewrap code with new tags, quickly traverse and select important code parts and other things. I installed it for Sublime Text 2.0 (IDE of my choice). After tinkering I realized that having a similar extension for Visualforce  would save hours of time creating pageBlockTables, and other repetitive tasks, such as closing of tags. Therefore, I created a Visualforce Snippet Library that contains the abbreviations for all the Visualforce tags ready for use/customization. I have recorded a short video to demonstrate the working of the component.


This component comprises of three files

  1. ReadMe – Consists of Samples and License information
  2. Installation Instructions – To get the extension working in Sublime Text 2.0
  3. snippets_visualforce.json – **This file is required for being able to extend Emmet to code in Visualforce**
The snippets can be modified and customized as required. We can also go ahead and create our own abbreviations which help us generate a group of code.
April 17, 2013

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Extending Visualforce for External Code Editors