Building Reports that Fly In Salesforce, the foundation of reporting is the retrieval of an organization’s data. If your data isn’t retrieved efficiently, your reports could be incredibly slow and might time out, which will frustrate your users. If you’re a developer or an architect maintaining an organization, you’ll want to attend the Building Reports that Fly breakout session at Dreamforce ‘13, as well as that session’s associated Developer Zone workshop.

In this session, we’ll discuss common problems, share tried-and-true solutions, and give you what you need to answer “yes” to the following questions.

Do you know the types of data that your users need to access, and can you put this data at their fingertips? If you can, do you know how to optimize your reports so they return this type of data faster?

Join us to learn how governing your organization’s data architecture and your users’ record access can help your users find the data they need, and how you can build efficient reports to deliver that data quickly. We’ll tell you how to restrict your users ability to create reports and list views—this type of restriction can actually help users perform better at their jobs. In addition, we’ll explore how the sharing architecture affects report performance, and discuss push and pull data access techniques.

The breakout session will include a customer case study presented by NTT Centerstance, and you can get hands-on report optimization experience in our Developer Zone workshop’s practical exercises. Note that the session assumes that you already understand the basic principles behind building queries and reports; we’ll spend the vast majority of our time covering how you can make your reports fly.

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Sean Regan and John Tan are Architect Evangelists within the Technical Enablement team of the Customer-Centric Engineering group. The team’s mission is to help customers understand how to implement technically sound Salesforce solutions. Check out all of the resources that this team maintains on the Architect Core Resources page of Developer Force.

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