Introducing custom metadata types: the app configuration engine for

  • Jason Curtis

    Very excited about this feature, this really fills in a platform “hole” and will take the sophistication of development to the next level. I can’t wait to explore and see more examples of it in action!

  • This is killer !Absolutely much needed feature .Cant wait

  • Rupert Barrow

    Wow, this is incredible !

    So many ideas come to my mind.
    First, I hope that large appslike FinancialForce, ServiceMax, etc will invest to move their stuff over.

    Next I’m thinking : can we extend/overload existing metadata ?
    One idea is the Address type of field : State is useless in most countries, and the order in wich City and Postal Code are displayed varies from country to country.

    Can’t wait !

  • Julien Gaiotto

    Oh. My. God.
    Can’t wait to try that out!

  • Thanks Andrew. Nice Post

  • Thanks Aaron. It is a great feature.

  • RakeshBoddepalli

    This is an awesome feature .. 🙂

  • Here is the Dreamforce ’14 Session on it:

    Also worth noting is that as of Summer ’15, Custom Settings can be deleted in Managed Packages.

  • Niranjan Gattupalli

    It will be great if you can share some insights on the metadata API support for the custom meta data types.

  • Phil Weinmeister

    Great article, great feature! Thanks!

  • Atul Kumthekar

    sure need some elaboration and example in detail….

    • Avrom Roy-Faderman

      @atulkumthekar:disqus, if you want to look at some detailed examples, there are a couple I can recommend:

      1. You can look at a sample configuration implementation at the link @disqus_bIIhQybXGY:disqus posted here: . It doesn’t come with an application that uses the configuration, but it illustrates how to build a tooling UI for custom metadata type-based configurations.

      2. You can look at the sample app linked on the left at . It’s a (pretty bare-bones) implementation of a portion of a “Reusable Picklist” framework with custom metadata types, plus a (very basic) app built primarily by creating records of the types. It’s configured for an ISV use case (separate managed packages for the framework and the app extension), and right now there’s no UI to build picklists (although I hope to get that into a separate update), but it’s got an example of how custom metadata records get consumed by an application, and how they can be distributed via packaging.

  • Atul Kumthekar

    dreamforce demo 14 was ofcourse useful

  • jb

    Here is a sample configuration implementation in Apex and visual force feel free to reuse !

  • Mustafa Turab Ali

    Great feature! this is definitely going to help development of AppExchange apps that involve API integration, specially when there are more than one.

  • Mind = blown

  • Sanchit Dua

    Nice article. I’m waiting for the next release soon!

  • hiteshpatel90

    interesting feature!!

  • niraj saxena

    Nice feature.. this will surely help me in my latest project 🙂

  • Maximo Junior

    Terrific feature! It’ll help too much!

  • Rohan Gore

    Could any one please confirm that from Summer 15, once this feature is generally available, SOQL is allowed on Custom Metadata Types as currently it is not possible to do this in the current pilot version.

    • Avrom Roy-Faderman

      Yes, I can confirm this. It is a difference between the Spring 15 pilot and the Summer 15 GA release.

      • Rohan Gore

        Thanks a lot @aroyfaderman. This is gonna be awesome !!

  • Bhawani Sharma

    Eagerly waiting for Release notes now.

  • Jon Cline

    Great news!

  • Cameron Mathers

    It’s a good start but it needs to support relationships between other custom metadata objects. Primarily master-detail relationships. Should also support picklists.

  • sangram kesari ray