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Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.0: Flexible Libraries for Native and Hybrid App Development

Salesforce is proud to release the latest Mobile SDK to our development community. Over the last few years, we have seen a tremendous shift in tools used for mobile development. To best serve our community, we completely decoupled core SDK components, and migrated as much of the library distribution CocoaPods and Gradle to embrace the […]

Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows is ready for Microsoft Developers

With the release of Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows, we’re excited to welcome Microsoft developers to the Salesforce community. Mobile developers can now use their favorite tools like Visual Studio, C#, NuGet and a myriad of .NET frameworks to build beautiful mobile apps. With these apps, companies can connect to their customers in whole new […]

Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1: Unified app architecture brings unparalleled flexibility

The new Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1 makes it easier for developers to build cross-platform mobile apps across devices.

Secure, Offline, Cross-Platform Apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK and Web Components

co-authored by Eugene Oksman (@oksman) and  Akhilesh Gupta (@akhileshgupta)   Meeting Ever Exceeding Mobile Expectations  Building a mobile app? Get ready for an escalating list of requirements! Full Offline Support Focused User Interface Infinite Scrolling Cross-Platform Deployments Branding Enterprise mobile apps are now expected to solve some of the most complicated use cases. To help developers […]

Introducing the Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.3

The Mobile SDK 2.3 is out! This release includes significant updates for developers creating hybrid applications. Cordova Plugins for Core Salesforce Specific Features Salesforce specific functionality for hybrid apps are now available as independent Cordova plugins. Developers can consume Salesforce OAuth2 Identity, SmartStore Secure Offline Database, and Push plugins in the very latest versions of […]

Announcing Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.1, just in time for the $1 Million Hackathon

Just in time for Dreamforce and the Salesforce $1 Million Hackaton, the Mobile SDK team is proud to announce the brand new 2.1 release.  If you are looking to build a native iOS or Android mobile app for your business needs or even the hackathon, the Mobile SDK is the best place to get started. […]

Introducing Mobile SDK 2.0: Flexible Architecture, SmartSync Data Framework, Simplified Getting Started Process

The Salesforce Mobile SDK team is proud to announce the release of our next generation framework for creating native, hybrid, and pure HTML5 mobile apps. From the SDK’s inception, we consistently focused on providing the most productive tools for force.com developers that want to create highly customized mobile experiences driven by rich corporate data. In […]

Mobile SDK 1.5: Additional Security and Developer Enhancements

The 1.5 release of the Mobile SDK is now on GitHub. Latest enhancements include: Updated iOS and Android SDKs to Cordova 2.3 Make sure to change all the older cordova-xx.js references to cordova-2.3.0.js in your projects Security Enhancements Snapshots of the app screen sent to the background can be substituted to a white screen to prevent capture […]

Mobile SDK 1.4: Latest Cordova, API Versioning, and Hybrid Session Management

We’re proud to announce the release of Mobile SDK 1.4 to GitHub. The latest release focuses on providing hybrid app developers more flexibility with multiple versions of a live app in production and greater control over session management. Updated iOS and Android SDKs to Cordova 2.2 Make sure to update to the latest cordova.js and […]

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