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The Apex Interactive Debugger

You asked for it. We announced it. You waited for it. Finally, we have delivered it. I am pleased to announce that the Apex Interactive Debugger is now generally available! Click through to find out a lot more.

The Platform Cache

We are adding a cache to the Salesforce1 Platform. You’re welcome.

What Is A Gack?

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.11.09 PM.png

If you’ve been around Salesforce long enough, you have probably encountered a screen saying "An internal server error has occurred." That screen is what we call a GACK. This message is part of an elaborate system for efficiently bringing these events to the attention of R&D. Click to learn about that system

WSDL 2 Apex Winner!

I am (finally) excited to announce the winner of our $100 Hackathon contest! As you all recall, we released the WSDL 2 Apex project as open-source in September. In that announcement, I challenged you to put on your coding gloves and box the heck out of those pesky frustrations you had with the current WSDL 2 Apex generator.

Daniel Ballinger, better known as "FishOfPrey", punched out not one, not two, but three issues in a short amount of time. He is your $100 Hackathon Champion!


The New Apex Queueable Interface

The new Queueable interface provides you with more tools for writing asynchronous Apex code. Here are more details on how it works.

Announcing the Open-Source WSDL2Apex Generator

I am back with another open-source project. By popular demand, the WSDL2Apex generator is now available for you to improve and repair.

The Open-Source Eclipse Plug-in – Yours To Own

The Eclipse plug-in you know and love is now Open-Source. You can now contribute to the tool. You can add that-one-feature you really want, and you can fix a bug that's slowing you down. Here's how.

Bigger Apex Limits with Enhanced Futures

If Apex transaction limits are cramping your style, you will want to look into the Enhanced Futures pilot. This feature will allow specified transactions to request additional limits which are necessary to perform the intended task.

Flex Your Batch Apex Muscles with FlexQueue

The FlexQueue feature will allow you to do more asynchronous Apex processing and have more control over your org’s operation.

Put Your Apex To Sleep with Salesforce Asynchronous Callouts

Asynchronous Callouts is a new Apex feature that lets you scale up the number of users using web service callouts to integrate external services to the Salesforce platform.