Whats new in Winter ’13 for Visual Workflow?

Winter ’13 is another exciting release for Visual Workflow! Here are some of the key features you can expect:

New Field Types

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We looked at all the feedback from our customers and one of the top requests was for Flows to support multi-select choices. You asked for it, you got it! In Winter ’13 we’re giving you two flavors of multi-select choices for your flow
1. Multi-select checkboxes – These are a great tool for use cases such as surveys
2. Multi-select picklists – Use these if you like the classic… Continue reading

Working with Choices in the Visual Workflow Cloud Flow Designer – Oh the Possibilities!

Choices in their simplest form allow a user to select only one of a number of choices. The Cloud Flow Designer provides two flavors of this: Radio Buttons and Dropdown Lists. Both are available as a Choice field in the Screen element.

But don’t let this basic definition fool you. When you know more about choices, you’ll soon realize that you can do a lot with it. Here are some of the lesser known aspects of choices in the Cloud Flow Designer.

Global Choices

With the Spring ’12 release, choices have been made global to the flow. Once you… Continue reading

Spring ’12 is Here and What Comes with it? Visual Workflow!

If you haven’t already read the release notes for Spring ’12, let me be the first to tell you that Visual Workflow and the new Cloud Flow Designer will be included in EE and UE Editions! You no longer need to purchase the additional Flow user license. This is great news indeed, but what’s better is the list of enhancements that also come along with the Spring ’12 release.

Cloud Flow Designer is GA

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The Cloud Flow Designer is now a GA product with a huge list of features and enhancements.


Dynamic approval routing using Apex code and Force.com approvals

If you are looking for ideas to combine the declarative, point and click tools along with the programmatic power of Apex code, take a look at this sample solution to implement dynamic approval routing including better delegated approver support.

The sample solution shows how custom objects, apex classes and triggers and approval processes come together to build a dynamic, data-driven approach to approval process automation. Use the apex code snippet listed in the sample solution  to handle scenarios where you want to send the request to a delegated approver when the main approver is on vacation.

The Apex code included in the… Continue reading