Text Classification: When Not to Use Machine Learning

Machine learning is a great approach for many text classification problems. For example, the problem of classifying an email as “spam” or “not spam”, based on its textual content. The following is not one of them. Consider the problem of classifying a job title into a rank from C-level, VP-level, Director-level, Manager-level, or Staff. Below […]

Security predicates using custom permissions

Wave Security Predicates using Custom Permissions

In Wave, row-level security is enforced using predicates, and it works a bit like this: <dataset column> <operation> <value> You can go for simple comparisons or get sophisticated and apply security at a record owner, role-based or even team-based level.  For the skinny on that, see this post: http://explore.wave6.com/blog/how-security-is-applied-to-dashboards-of-salesforce-analytics-cloud But… once you go down that road, it […]

New Login Rollout in Winter ’16

Welcome to Lightning In Winter ‘16 we’ve completely redesigned the Salesforce login experience, greatly improving the usability and making it more intuitive for users. For details, see the Winter ‘16 release notes.     What Is Changed? The main login page has a new look and feel Saved usernames are more integrated with login Setting […]


Custom metadata types: they’re money; actually, even better!

In April we announced the GA release of custom metadata types, a brand new app configuration engine on Force.com. The response from the community has been overwhelming. Within days, the announcement became the most tweeted blog in the recorded history of the Salesforce Developers Blog. It even beat the announcement of last year’s million-dollar hackathon! […]


10 Tips for a Successful Internship Experience

Hi! I’m Shinjini Nunna, a Salesforce 2015 Software Engineering Intern. My internship at Salesforce was the first time I’d worked at a large tech company. Coming in, I was incredibly unsure about how to operate on a day-to-day basis, much less make the most of my three months at Salesforce. Luckily, I had a fantastic […]

PTOn! – Bike Riding for Charity

If you’ve heard of Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model you know that we pledge to leverage our resources, technology, and employees to help communities around the world. This comes in obvious ways, such as free licenses for non-profits, pro bono work, and employees volunteering literally one million hours. It also manifests itself in more surprising ways, like […]


Build Enterprise Software with the Salesforce Agile Accelerator

In today’s enterprises, software development speed, collaboration and flexibility are keys to success. To practice agile at scale, Salesforce built a rich toolset on Force.com that consolidated scrum, QA, and bug tracking into a single, visual interface. Due to tremendous demand, we’ve made this software available to our customers by way of the Salesforce Agile […]

Improving Query Performance for Salesforce Knowledge Articles

This post discusses how to best leverage file field attributes in queries on Knowledge Articles for optimal performance. We present a use case where additional logic needs to be implemented in Apex.

PTOn! Showcase: Shrink

TL;DR: I spent a little over 6 days building an internal URL shortener built around security and transparency that has been used nearly 1 million times. This had absolutely nothing to do with my usual work at Salesforce! One of the great benefits provided to technology employees here at Salesforce is the ability to spend […]

Part-time Security Internship sponsored by Women in TRUST

Join the best security technologists at the most innovative company in the world, salesforce.com, for a fantastic part-time security internship.