Build Enterprise Software with the Salesforce Agile Accelerator

In today’s enterprises, software development speed, collaboration and flexibility are keys to success. To practice agile at scale, Salesforce built a rich toolset on that consolidated scrum, QA, and bug tracking into a single, visual interface. Due to tremendous demand, we’ve made this software available to our customers by way of the Salesforce Agile […]

Improving Query Performance for Salesforce Knowledge Articles

This post discusses how to best leverage file field attributes in queries on Knowledge Articles for optimal performance. We present a use case where additional logic needs to be implemented in Apex.

PTOn! Showcase: Shrink

TL;DR: I spent a little over 6 days building an internal URL shortener built around security and transparency that has been used nearly 1 million times. This had absolutely nothing to do with my usual work at Salesforce! One of the great benefits provided to technology employees here at Salesforce is the ability to spend […]


365 Days of Cultural Kaizen!

Learn how Salesforce is using the spirit of Kaizen ("continuous improvement") to create a better working environment and build better products.

Part-time Security Internship sponsored by Women in TRUST

Join the best security technologists at the most innovative company in the world,, for a fantastic part-time security internship.


Preserving Mentions in Triggers

One of the most requested Chatter features in Summer ’15 is the ability to edit posts and comments. While it’s an awesome feature in its own right, I discovered a delightful side effect while testing its API: you can write just a few lines of Apex code to preserve @mentions in triggers. The Problem: Mentions […]

BART Backtracker App and Salesforce PTOn! Part 2

In part 1, Nadeem Aboobaker talked about how the BART Backtracker mobile web app ( came to be. In part 2, he talks about how he created the app. It’s Alive! After finally coming up with the idea for BART Backtracker, I figured the hardest part was behind me and all I had to do […]


BART Backtracker App and Salesforce PTOn! Part 1

In part 1, Nadeem Aboobaker talks about how the BART Backtracker mobile web app ( came to be. In the much-anticipated part 2, he talks about how he created the app. Introduction to PTOn! You may think that the best thing about working at Salesforce is the perks – endless snacks, concerts, onsite fitness center, […]

Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials Part 2: Restore Strategies and Processes – by Sovan Bin

Sovan Bin from shares his insights into restore processes and strategies in his second article in a series on backup and restore.


Does Imposter Syndrome exist for software engineering roles?

Examining imposter syndrome from a tester/quality engineer perspective.