Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1: Unified app architecture brings unparalleled flexibility

The new Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.1 makes it easier for developers to build cross-platform mobile apps across devices.


#SFWITWednesday: 5 New Year’s Resolutions For a More Diverse Team!

Welcome to the first #SFWITWednesday post of 2015! Have you ever felt like you want your company to level the gender gap to have a more diverse team? While there are things companies have been recently trying, there is a lot you can do as an individual that would make a huge difference! Add the following to your resolution list, and make sure to hold yourself accountable. Very soon you'll have your diverse team and no longer be the minority in the room!

WSDL 2 Apex Winner!

I am (finally) excited to announce the winner of our $100 Hackathon contest! As you all recall, we released the WSDL 2 Apex project as open-source in September. In that announcement, I challenged you to put on your coding gloves and box the heck out of those pesky frustrations you had with the current WSDL 2 Apex generator.

Daniel Ballinger, better known as "FishOfPrey", punched out not one, not two, but three issues in a short amount of time. He is your $100 Hackathon Champion!



Agile and Innovation

We have a program in Salesforce Engineering called ‘PTOn’ in which employees are encouraged to take 1 day per month to do something different than their day-to-day work. Some people use their time to create new applications on our Platform; some people work to improve our automation processes; and, others spend time reading and learning a new technology. I chose to speak at the Scrum Alliance conference to get our Agile story out to a larger, global audience and to inspire learning and innovation. I wanted to learn from an Agile community of engineers in another country.


Solving Java Memory Regressions with Zero Overhead and High Accuracy

Identify the root cause of complex memory regressions by recording JVM object allocations with zero overhead, high accuracy, and existing tools.

Visual Development – When to Click Instead of Write Code

As Salesforce developers, we love to write code! But does it follow that because we can we should? Check out these declarative development options for building great apps without writing a single line of code.

Secure, Offline, Cross-Platform Apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK and Web Components

co-authored by Eugene Oksman (@oksman) and  Akhilesh Gupta (@akhileshgupta)   Meeting Ever Exceeding Mobile Expectations  Building a mobile app? Get ready for an escalating list of requirements! Full Offline Support Focused User Interface Infinite Scrolling Cross-Platform Deployments Branding Enterprise mobile apps are now expected to solve some of the most complicated use cases. To help developers […]

Salesforce anti-patterns and worst practices

Salesforce Anti-Patterns: A Cautionary Tale

Don't let your Salesforce org suffer from anti-patterns that often emerge unknowingly as you customize your business needs. Read this fun fictitious story to learn how to avoid and recover from sub-optimal implementations.


Building My First App on the AppExchange

A few months ago, there was an announcement that went out to all employees about a Salesforce labs competition. The challenge was to build a mobile app, pass a security review, create a YouTube video to market it, and list it on AppExchange. This sounded like a great opportunity since I’d always wanted to build an app on the Salesforce platform, but I didn’t know how to start. What would I build? Did I have all the skills needed? Did I have the time? Should I ask someone for help? All these questions confounded me. Then a thought struck – maybe I could find fellow developers who had the skills I lacked.


Force.com SOQL Performance Tips: LastModifiedDate vs SystemModStamp

Help your Force.com application scale and perform by understanding differences between use of SystemModStamp and LastModifiedDate in SOQL filters.