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Extreme Salesforce Data

Extreme Salesforce Data: Distributed Application Partitioning with Force.com Canvas and Heroku

Want to scale your Salesforce data set to new heights? Then check out this hands-on tutorial that shows you how to implement an external application to store historical records. You also learn how to integrate its UI and user authentication into Salesforce so that your users can analyze historical data right alongside operational data. This practical step-by-step guide uses a combination of Salesforce Platform technology, including Force.com, Heroku, and Force.com Canvas.

Force.com Canvas Pillars

New at Dreamforce 12: Force.com Canvas

One of the exciting new Force.com features that you will hear about at this year's Dreamforce is Force.com Canvas. Many of the keynotes and breakout sessions explore how you can use it to wire existing applications into salesforce, as well as develop new applications using any language that can work with salesforce.com.