Folks, this is going to be a close one, and it’s not over till 2pm tomorrow. Amazing to see the real-time interactions taking place between 11,000 community members, and our fabulous Top 8 apps. So what are you waiting for? Weigh in on which apps should make the Top 4 and move on to Dreamforce ’11.

Voting is très facile:

  1. Go to the official AppQuest ’11 landing page to view our Top 8 bracket. Click on any app.
  2. You’ll be taken to their individual listing. Simply “Like” their listing to make your voice heard (if you don’t see a “Like” link, you’ll need to “Like” the following listing page first).

Don’t know which app to vote for? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We are profiling two apps in each blog post leading up to Friday’s deadline, as they appear in their bracket pairing.  So watch their 2min video pitch, and make your vote with a clean conscience.

In this corner: Nitro for Salesforce by Bunchball brings “Salesforce Motivation” to the cloud.  

Vote for Nitro here.

In that cornerSEO for Salesforce by Demand Results enables marketers to improve SEO performance with revenue-based strategies, working seamlessly within Salesforce.

Vote for SEO for Salesforce here.

REMINDER: Voting ends August 12th at 2pm. But the show goes on at Dreamforce. Don’t miss the action and REGISTER for the AppQuest ’11 Grande Finale, Tuesday August 30th at 5pm (add it to your Agenda Builder now) where our all-star judging panel featuring Robert Scoble, Gordon Ritter, Brett Queener and Mike Gerholdt will pick the next Cloud Idol.

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