Every year, the AppExchange team recognizes apps that receive outstanding customer reviews in their respective categories with the Customer Choice Awards.   This program puts a spotlight on some of the most innovative apps on the AppExchange and encourages partners to build apps that deliver the highest level of customer success.

The awards program is also an opportunity for us to get feedback directly from the partner community.  Recently our partners have told us that the awards criteria need to extend beyond the number of reviews an app receives.   And we agree.

We’ve outgrown the scoring system we used when we started this program back in 2008 with a much smaller number of apps .  We need to evolve the awards criteria to accommodate the diverse range of mature and emerging partners that deliver more than 2,000 apps on the AppExchange today.  For this reason, we have decided to cancel this year’s awards and emerge with a new updated program and scoring system for 2014.

We put a high premium on feedback from partners, and we want to thank you for being a part of our community.   We are working hard to update the awards criteria and deliver a new level of excitement at next year’s AppExchange Customer Choice Awards.

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  • MikeBZ

    Thanks for introducing the change. There definitely needs to be a way to stop people from paying for 5 star ratings. I think any credible evidence that someone sent gift cards, gave discounts or paid for favorable ratings should disqualify the company from receiving the customer choice awards.

  • Chirag Mehta

    Thanks a lot for introducing the much needed change. However, not all are the ones who have tried using cheap means, there are many who might have worked hard to EARN customer reviews. So logically pulling back this year award is injustice to the ones who had built, published and created an awesome app. May be grant awards on some basis, but do grant .. let the year not go without any appexchange awards! So I suggest that do announce awards in best interest of genuine app creators.

  • http://www.mikevolpe.com/ Mike Volpe

    Canceling the game when there are only seconds left on the clock is not how a good partner behaves. Feel free to make rule changes in 2014, but don’t cancel the 2013 game! A lot of us have worked n our AppExchange listing assuming it would be recognized in 2013. In fact we emailed you monthly for the last 4 months to verify this and each time you told us you would in fact be giving awards this year. This is a major bummer to anyone who tried to help you by promoting AppExchange in 2013. Why even bother in 2014? Why should we trust you won’t cancel the game again?