Simplified Package Installer with Release and Post Install Notes

Ever since managed packages were rolled out several years ago, the installation process has been following a multi-step wizard. Though this process is interactive, ISVs and admins alike have been asking to make this simpler and shorter - much like installing an app to your mobile device.


Empower Your Salesforce1 Solution with Deep Link

Salesforce1 is a hybrid mobile app that lets developers easily create a mobile experience using Visualforce, Apex, and Javascript. But what happens if you already have a mobile app or need to access native device features? This is where Deep Link comes into play, and we are excited to share the newly published official Salesforce1 deep link support schemes for iOS.


5 Ways to Engage the Salesforce Community

You built an awesome app, passed security review, pushed “publish my listing.” Now what?


Five Dreamforce Sessions for Marketing an AppExchange App

If you've ever had a question about best practices for marketing an AppExchange app, Dreamforce '14 is the time to get answers and get inspired.


What SaaS Really Means at Salesforce: “Startup-as-a-Service”

Ten years ago when enterprise cloud computing and even our own were in their infancy, starting a software company meant overcoming a lot of challenges. Identifying an idea, nailing the right customer requirements, sizing up the competition, quantifying the addressable market, and finally, raising money … A LOT of money. Most enterprise software companies […]