Internationalization Options in AngularJS and Salesforce: Part 1 – Localization

An ISV partner recently asked us what their options were for performing internationalization (language translations, locale formatting, time zones, etc.) within a JavaScript Framework – specifically angularJS. They were looking to increase their app’s performance but did not want to give up all the “goodness” that they receive by using Visualforce components (think locale formatting for dates or currency). The ISV TE team did some research and came back with some options that could be leveraged to perform internationalization in angularJS. This is the first of a four-part series blog to cover our findings. Part one of this series will cover Localization. Part two will cover TimeZones Conversions. Part three will cover Language Conversions. Finally, Part four will cover Currency Conversions.


Packaging and Distributing Lightning Connect for ISVs

Lightning Connect is now available for distribution by the ISV partners. We have seen a lot of interest in Lightning Connect, so this is welcome news for the partner ecosystem. Lightning Connect is a very powerful enabling technology that brings to bear a whole new set of integration patterns which were either not possible or very cumbersome to accomplish before. This article will cover some of the potential benefits of Lightning Connect technology and describe how it can be packaged and included in your ISV application for distribution.

Collaborating with Communities – FAQ for ISVs

This FAQ answers many of the questions that you may have as you build your application and are exploring how customers can engage their external users.


Introducing the Trailhead Contest for ISV and SI Partners 2015

If you're an ISV or SI Partner, take Trailhead to the next level and win some sweet prizes! From now until Dreamforce, we’re hosting monthly contests that challenge you to earn Trailhead badges for a chance to win an Apple Watch Sport or a special edition Trailhead hoodie.


Supercharge your Salesforce experience with Trialforce – Part 1

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you’ve built an amazing solution on the Salesforce1 Platform and are ready to sell it to the world, but how would you go about it?