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Internationalization Options in AngularJS and Salesforce: Part 2 – Time Zone Conversions

In part one of this series, we covered how to leverage some of the settings from the user’s profile in Salesforce to control the locale settings in angularJS. In this post, we will build off that initial example and extend it to cover time zone conversions. This will enable us to see all the data presented to the logged in user in that user’s time zone. This example could be further extended to allow the logged in user to see the data presented in another user’s time zone. An example of this is if an activity, task, or event needs to be assigned to a user in a different time zone, it is created in their time zone, not the time zone of who has created the activity. As long as the correct time zone is pulled from their profile, the new task is created in their time zone using the techniques outlined below.

Internationalization Options in AngularJS and Salesforce: Part 1 – Localization

An ISV partner recently asked us what their options were for performing internationalization (language translations, locale formatting, time zones, etc.) within a JavaScript Framework – specifically angularJS. They were looking to increase their app’s performance but did not want to give up all the “goodness” that they receive by using Visualforce components (think locale formatting for dates or currency). The ISV TE team did some research and came back with some options that could be leveraged to perform internationalization in angularJS. This is the first of a four-part series blog to cover our findings. Part one of this series will cover Localization. Part two will cover TimeZones Conversions. Part three will cover Language Conversions. Finally, Part four will cover Currency Conversions.

Run Your PHP Apps on the Salesforce1 Platform

The Salesforce1 Platform now supports PHP using Heroku. Learn how the new PHP can make your app development more efficient.

Get Better Visibility Into Your Business: Announcing the Usage Metrics Pilot Feature

With the Spring '14 release, we're pleased to present a pilot of the long-awaited, most-requested feature from our partners - Usage Metrics. Take a deeper look inside your business by leveraging the Usage Metrics API or installing our Visualization Tool.

Packaging Canvas Apps for Different Editions

Canvas Packaging Icon

We have seen some very impressive adoption rate amongst our customers and ISV partners in leveraging Canvas framework for building integrated composite applications on Salesforce1 platform. Based on some of the lessons learned and feedback received, we decided to publish this article to help our ISV partners understand their options when it comes to packaging Canvas for distribution and for support of different Salesforce1 platform editions.