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Packaging Canvas Apps for Different Editions

Canvas Packaging Icon

We have seen some very impressive adoption rate amongst our customers and ISV partners in leveraging Canvas framework for building integrated composite applications on Salesforce1 platform. Based on some of the lessons learned and feedback received, we decided to publish this article to help our ISV partners understand their options when it comes to packaging Canvas for distribution and for support of different Salesforce1 platform editions. Continue reading

5 Reasons Luminix Is Crushing It on the AppExchange

Luminix, a Salesforce partner with two listings on the AppExchange, has experienced rapid growth since listing its app Pulsar in July 2012. Luminix serves customers across a variety of industries, including companies such as ING (Financial Services), Univar (Chemicals), Molnlycke Healthcare (Medical Devices). There are five key elements to Luminix’s success:

1. Luminix focuses on mobile first

Luminix built its app Pulsar for mobile devices. It… Continue reading

Building ISV Apps with Force.com and Heroku: Dreamforce Preview

Are you building SaaS applications? In this post we give you a preview of a session next week on developing apps using Force.com and Heroku. At Dreamforce, partners and customers are going to show how they are building their business in the cloud and how you can too. As a developer you’ll typically consider one of three options for an app:

- build it on Force.com

-… Continue reading

Building a Better Business at Dreamforce

We all know that Dreamforce is a big deal for customers and partners alike– The largest Enterprise Cloud Computing event in the world and biggest tech conference to be held in San Francisco.  It is the #1 place to be if you are interested in meeting enterprise customers, prospects and partners. What you may not know is that Dreamforce is also the place for partners to learn… Continue reading

Tips to Make App Development a Breeze

Understand what Salesforce development environments to use in order to make app development and delivery much easier. Continue reading

Mastering AppExchange Reviews: 9 Ways to Increase Positive App Reviews

Do you read reviews before making a purchase on Amazon.com or installing an app on a consumer app store?

79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Online marketplaces have brought unprecedented access and convenience to the consumer world.  Many people rely on Amazon.com and other online shopping for a higher percentage of clothing and home accessory purchases than ‘on-premise’ shopping.  And the Apple App… Continue reading

How Do You Price an Enterprise App?

Whether you’re a start up, early stage, or established software company selling B2B software, odds are you’re thinking about or already building enterprise apps.  If you’re not, take a look at this Forrester piece predicting $2.1 trillion will go into IT spend in 2013, with apps and the U.S. leading the way.

In any new marketplace, as the demand grows and the marketplace expands, the answer to the pricing… Continue reading

Don’t Change the Channel: Top Tips for ISV Sales Success


You have published your app on the AppExchange and are ready to start selling. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel – learn best practices on how to navigate and sell successfully in the channel. Continue reading

What is the Key to Creating a Game-Changing Enterprise App?

Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge Is Power.” If applied to a salesforce.com AppExchange Partner’s world, one could say “Knowledge is power to building a successful AppExchange app.” To go from idea to booming business, you need to know the right information at the right time. Salesforce.com provides many resources to empower app builders to build and deliver successful apps on the AppExchange.

Here is what the lifecycle looks… Continue reading

Changing the Face of Business One App at a Time

Not everyone can say they’re reshaping the very fabric of business.  But, as an AppExchange partner, you are on the front lines of one of the biggest revolutions in business this decade—the enterprise app revolution. In fact, IDC projected that by 2016, enterprise cloud application revenue will reach $67 billion.

But don’t just take IDC’s word for it—with more than 1,800 apps and 1,100 partners, the AppExchange is on… Continue reading