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Announcing the Platform Partner Growth Program

Today we’re introducing the first such initiative: The Platform Partner Growth Program. The new program is designed to recognize the platform growth created by the consulting partner community, and reward the leaders of sourced Saleforce1 annual contract value (“ACV”). Continue reading

Are Events in Your Marketing Mix? Make a Connection and Expand Your Reach

It is pretty well known that at salesforce.com we love our events. In a year we host hundreds that range in size and audience, all connecting people live in a meaningful way. Whether it is an executive round table, a regional tour event, a fifteenth birthday party, or Dreamforce, we see and feel the value of face-to-face marketing.

We are big believers in the connections that events create between… Continue reading

Announcing the New Partner Community

Have you ever wished you had somewhere to go to quickly get advice from other partners? Looked for an easier way to collaborate with salesforce.com? Well, we are delivering just that! We’re thrilled to introduce the new Partner Community – a world class partner experience with a Chatter community just for partners.

The new Partner Community will launch on March 24th at http://partners.salesforce.com, including these great features:

    5 Reasons Luminix Is Crushing It on the AppExchange

    Luminix, a Salesforce partner with two listings on the AppExchange, has experienced rapid growth since listing its app Pulsar in July 2012. Luminix serves customers across a variety of industries, including companies such as ING (Financial Services), Univar (Chemicals), Molnlycke Healthcare (Medical Devices). There are five key elements to Luminix’s success:

    1. Luminix focuses on mobile first

    Luminix built its app Pulsar for mobile devices. It… Continue reading

    Building a Better Business at Dreamforce

    We all know that Dreamforce is a big deal for customers and partners alike– The largest Enterprise Cloud Computing event in the world and biggest tech conference to be held in San Francisco.  It is the #1 place to be if you are interested in meeting enterprise customers, prospects and partners. What you may not know is that Dreamforce is also the place for partners to learn… Continue reading

    The TEAM = #1 Priority for Sponsor Success


    Investing in an event sponsorship is a big decision — it isn’t only about dollars, it is about the intrinsic need for resources from the moment the decision is made through to managing leads in the sales funnel.

    I have watched partners scrutinize every detail of a flyer, develop amazing online assets, and design gorgeous booth structures that illustrate their corporate brand and event theme. Yet, they fail to… Continue reading

    What is the Key to Creating a Game-Changing Enterprise App?

    Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge Is Power.” If applied to a salesforce.com AppExchange Partner’s world, one could say “Knowledge is power to building a successful AppExchange app.” To go from idea to booming business, you need to know the right information at the right time. Salesforce.com provides many resources to empower app builders to build and deliver successful apps on the AppExchange.

    Here is what the lifecycle looks… Continue reading

    16 Weeks Until Dreamforce ’13 – Six Things to Think About NOW

    In just 16 weeks, the Dreamforce community will take over the Bay Area again. We have a ton of great stuff in store for partners, but it’s up to you to make the most of this experience. There will be a lot of Dreamforce information coming your way in the next few weeks. Here are a few things you should be thinking about now. Continue reading

    Announcing Web Analytics and Re-Launch of Customer Community


    Have you ever wondered what kind of traffic is moving through your AppExchange listing? Ever wanted to be able to see if your marketing efforts to increase that traffic are actually paying off? Well, great news – now you can! Continue reading

    An Insider’s View to Building Apps on the Salesforce Platform


    I recently interviewed a prominent member of the salesforce.com community who shares some great insights about his experience as a salesforce.com partner that we thought were great tips to share with the rest of the community. Check out the interview below. Continue reading