Labs New App Roundup Labs has been busy over the last few weeks.  Here's a quick round up of new apps which you — yes, you — must take a look at. 

Salesforce for Twitter v3 is now Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook v4.  Yes — you read that right — a whole new social network AND a new version number from the app you know and love.  This is hot off the presses, so be sure to be the first to tweet about it.

Chatter Blacklist came out of a couple of weeks ago and it's ****** awesome.  Wait how did those asterisks get there?   Oh — I get it — that's what Chatter Blacklist does: it monitors posts for forbidden words and replaces them with a family friendly substitute.  Your compliance department will love you.  If you're a developer, you should know that Chatter Blacklist was created by the inimitable Quinton Wall and contains a great example of Feed Item triggers.

Speaking of awesome apps written by evangelists, you might also enjoy the Chatter Out of Office indicator from Sandeep Bhanot.  Once you create an OOO record, Chatter Triggers take over and anyone who posts a message on your profile while you're gone gets an instant comment with your OOO message.  Very cool stuff.

Need a way to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to users' posts?  Check out Chatter Bucks.  Chatter Bucks lets users vote for their favorite post with a limited supply of bucks.  These bucks are like a 12 year old's allowance: refreshed weekly.  Careful though — don't spend them all in one place!

Last but not least, there's Group Master from Jonathan Hersh.  It's a great way to help you keep your Chatter Groups under control.

That's a quick listing for now — be sure to try these out in your org or in a developer edition and share your feedback here or on the listing.



April 12, 2011

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