CloudSpokes Releases, Promotes Open Source

CloudSpokes, the cloud code focused crowd sourcing app (say that five times fast), today announced two very exciting things with regards to open source.

First, they are releasing a number of completed apps, which had previously been closed, on GitHub under either the MIT license or MIT based Cloudspokes License.  This is fantastic news and will be a great asset for the larger developer community.

Cloudspokes has posted a list of their apps over on the blog and you can also search through the challenges summary to get an idea of what’s open source, what’s not, and what licenses are involved.

Second, if you want to run a CloudSpokes contest, and designate the output as an open source project, you can use the CloudSpokes infrastructure for free.  How cool is that?

Nice work, CloudSpokes.  Keep it up!


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  • Plcgi1

    What about quality of your service for developers?

    My first expirience in cloudspoke challenge – full discrepancy with words and business

    May be only misunderstanding ? ))

    Great idea – and bad support – this is firt expirience only

    • Plcgi1

      Service = cloudspokes challenges