Big Or Small, You’ll Love The Social Fleet – Salesforce Of Things

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Grand Prize winner in the Salesforce Labs Salesforce of Things event, Printer + Salesforce + Arduino = Like.  As great as that app is, I have a prediction: you will fall in love with this next video.

Why?  Read on!!

The Social Fleet, from Dan Kauppi, Sergei Dubinin and Max Aleksandrov, is a great example of how you can monitor and manage your fleet using the platform and a couple of great apps.  Let’s take a look!

Is that incredible or what?  Location.  Productivity.  Maintenance requirements.  Fuel… Continue reading

Introducing the Grand Prize Winner for “The Salesforce of Things”

A few weeks ago, back when American Thanksgiving was just in the planning stage, Salesforce Labs kicked off a really fun project: The Salesforce of Things. We had 15 great submissions and it’s my honor today to share the grand prize winner with you. Continue reading

Get 2012 Started Right: Install ChatUp!

Well, the 2011 holiday season is in the bag and everyone — including me — is wandering back toward reality, scratching our heads, and trying to answer one question: how do we kick 2012 off with a bang?

First things first: please go get a cup of your morning beverage of choice.  My coffee and I will wait.

All set?  OK!

Back before this season was a memory, deep in the heart of that week right before everyone disappeared, the good people behind Salesforce Labs released a new app: ChatUp.  Missed it?  Don’t worry, that’s the reason… Continue reading