Good Morning #OSCON from (& Why Open Source)

I’m excited to be at OSCON this year. It’s my first trip, and so far Portland is proving to be far more comfortable than Chicago, (weather-wise anyway). In the mean time, I’ve been asking myself a simple question: why open source? Two interesting posts popped up in my pre #OSCON related reading that both point to the same idea (and about zillion more will popup by the end of the week — that’s why I’m here). Continue reading

CloudSpokes Releases, Promotes Open Source

CloudSpokes, the cloud code focused crowd sourcing app (say that five times fast), today announced two very exciting things with regards to open source. Continue reading

Dreamforce: Visit the Open Source Garage Sponsored by GitHub

Open Source Garage, Sponsored by GitHub, Dreamforce 11

I’m ridiculously excited to announce the Open Source Garage Sponsored by GitHub, in the Developer Zone at Dreamforce 11. Yes, that GitHub. Continue reading

21 Great Apps (Milwaukee Edition)

If you’ve been keeping up, you already know that Josh Birk and I were up at the Wisconsin User Group today talking about apps and showing some super cool code. Here’s a short list of the apps, Birk will be covering the code in a separate post. Let’s take a look at the top 10 apps over the last 30 days, new apps added over the last ~90 days, and some of the apps I demoed. Continue reading

Friday Surprise, Tuesday Edition

Fridays can be a little ho hum at Labs HQ. Not so this last one. Why? Well don’t just stand there. Read this exciting post! Continue reading Labs: New Adoption Dashboards

I’m very excited to announce the release of an update to one of Labs most popular apps ever: the Adoption Dashboards.  This all new app includes three all new dashboards: User Logins, Key Feature Adoption and Sales & Marketing Adoption.  Special thanks to Kevin Sciolino, Senior Customer Success Manager, for all of his hard work in putting these together.

Check them out today! Adoption Dashboards (2011)

Apps Aren’t Just for Kansas Anymore

Picture 5

I unveiled some new apps at the Kansas City User Group* yesterday, and it's now my privilege to share them with you.  Before I do, however, let's take a look at the Top 11 Labs apps for the last month.  (Why 11? Metallica. That's why.**)

  1. Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook (v4)
  2. Milestones PM – Project and Task Management - Github repo
  3. Adoption Dashboards
  4. Find Nearby – Accounts, Contacts, Leads - Github repo
  5. AppExchange Dashboard Pack
  6. Survey Force
  7. Graphics Pack - NEW!
  8. Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards
  9. Mass Update Anything 1.0.5
  10. CMSForce2
  11. Salesforce International Mapping with Google Maps


You'll notice that I've added a couple of links to Github repos. Almost all Labs apps are… Continue reading

The Open Source Equation


Are you providing an open source solution that runs on the platform?  I'd like to share your story at Dreamforce!  Follow @ReidCarlberg and @ForceDotComLabs on Twitter to stay up to date with new app releases, thoughts on open source and more. 

Software publishers new to the world of open source often have a common question: can they be "open source" without allowing others to redistribute or make derivative works of their code?

Simply put: no.  In fact, the ability to redistribute code is the first criteria the Open Source Initiative uses to evaluate a license to see if it really is "open source".

This question arises out… Continue reading

Dreamforce ’11 Call for Projects (#opensource)


Dreamforce 11 is rapidly approaching and our developer track is filling in nicely.  One of the things I'm very excited to work on is highlighting the growing open source community during the event.  If you haven't had a chance, you should check out Code Share on DeveloperForce and take a look at some of the latest entries–lots of great stuff happening.  

Are you working on an open source project?  Do you want to connect with other practitioners and the larger community while at Dreamforce?  If so, I definitely want to talk to you.  

Please drop at a note to… Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons You Should Join Us In Chicago (and Bring a Friend)


Yes, it's the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and you, like me, are back at work.  And maybe, also a little like me, you're starting the day saying, "Now what?"

So let me answer that for you: you should immediately do two things.  First, sign up for the Dev Meetup that's coming to Chicago on June 7 — yes, that's right after Cloudforce Chicago and you can easily attend both.  Second, you should sign up for Dreamforce using the very special developer discount code our own Mr. Nick Tran put together for you.

I'll let the Dreamforce site tell you why you should join… Continue reading