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Big Or Small, You’ll Love The Social Fleet – Salesforce Of Things

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Grand Prize winner in the Salesforce Labs Salesforce of Things event, Printer + Salesforce + Arduino = Like.  As great as that app is, I have a prediction: you will fall in love with this next video. Why?  Read on!! The Social Fleet, from Dan Kauppi, Sergei Dubinin and […]

Update On Labs Updates

It's been a little while since I posted so you might be wondering, "What's up with Labs updates?" Well, wonder no more!

Milestones PM Updated with Task and Milestone Dependencies

If you attended the Dive In: Join or Start an Open Source Community session at Dreamforce, you are well aware that Milestones PM, one of our most successful Force.com Labs apps to date, is open source. You and your developer friends can head straight over to our GitHub account, ForceDotComLabs, and get the code, check out the issues list and, today, for the first time, check out our fancy new Version History.

Great Force.com Labs Sessions at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is here. Wow. That was fast! If you're a fan of Force.com Labs, I'd love to meet you. In fact, I've set up two dedicated times.

Friday Surprise, Tuesday Edition

Fridays can be a little ho hum at Labs HQ. Not so this last one. Why? Well don't just stand there. Read this exciting post!