ForceJS 2: Modern JavaScript Library for the Salesforce REST APIs

ForceJS is an open source library that makes it easy to work with the Salesforce REST APIs in JavaScript applications. ForceJS can be used to develop browser-based apps, hybrid mobile apps using the Salesforce Mobile SDK and Apache Cordova, and to authenticate with Salesforce when using Lightning Out. The JavaScript world has changed a lot […]

Using Values Tables in Winter ’17 Dashboard Designer

The Wave dashboard designer is a new tool that helps you build responsive dashboards quickly and easily - for any device. You can rapidly create dashboards with predefined layouts that follow best-practices or create customized layouts to optimize your dashboard for the needs of your business.  The designer tool provides features like drag-and-drop, snap-to-grid, and browser […]

French Touch Dreamin’ – The first community-led event in France

Salesforce community-led events are on the rise in Europe this year. From London's Calling - the very first Salesforce community-led conference in Europe, to Surf Force, to the recently debuted French Touch Dreamin'. This trend in community-led events is clearly a reflection of the passionate community that continues to grow around the Salesforce platform. As it […]

Lightning Now European Tour

The Lightning Now European Tour is a series of free day-and-a-half events covering everything you need to know to plan a successful Lightning implementation. We're bringing top Lightning experts who will share the roadmap, discuss strategies for successful migrations, and deliver hands-on technical workshops. No matter if you are a Salesforce developer, administrator or manager […]

Salesforce Workbooks Migrating to Trailhead

From swallows to gray whales to Canadian geese, moving from one place to another is a way to take advantage of better conditions. Now you can add Salesforce workbooks to that list. The Salesforce doc team is in the process of moving our workbooks over to Trailhead to take advantage of the better experience it offers our customers.

Integrating Relational Data into Salesforce with Heroku External Objects & Heroku Postgres

Often customer-facing web and mobile apps utilize a relational database as the primary datastore.  For applications that rely on Salesforce for back-office uses, there can often be a need to bridge the two systems to provide a seamless experience.  For instance, an external application may contain customer-centric data like a purchase discount code which is […]

Building Native Mobile Apps on the Salesforce Platform

Do you have a great idea for a new mobile app? One that extends the capabilities of Salesforce’s core products, or brings your own product to more customers? Do you want to offer your customers the unrivaled user experience of a native mobile app, with full access to device hardware, or extensive offline capability? Whether you’re […]

Q&A – Build Apps Faster with Lightning and Winter ’17

Thank you to everyone that attended our latest webinar, Build Apps Faster with Lightning and Winter '17. We covered a lot of material, including: Accessing data more easily and efficiently with the new Lightning Data Service Building Lightning Components faster with new Lightning Base Components Developing more interactive experiences with new Lightning Quick Actions We […]

Your New Life With Lightning Actions: Smart, Fast, and Mobile

Create Test User Lightning action

This is the third and final blog in a series on migrating away from JavaScript buttons, and toward solutions that are mobile- and Lightning-friendly. In our previous two posts, we cited popular use cases for JavaScript buttons, and provided better alternative solutions. However, those solutions don't address every imaginable use case, and for that we've made available […]

#DF16 Developer Forest Day 4

Every year Dreamforce seems to outdo itself, and Dreamforce '16 was one for the ages - all ages. The Trailhead theme of parks and wilderness, coupled with Astro, Codey, and the other cute denizens of the Developer Forest, really brought out the youthful, eager explorer in all of us. It was a fun, jam-packed week, and we […]