Spring ’14 Force.com MVP Nominations Are Open!

It’s been raining for the past week in San Francisco and the biggest store display you see these days tends to be the one for allergy relief so it’s safe to conclude that Spring has Sprung here! And how better to celebrate then to kick off another round of nominations for the Force.com MVP program? Today I’m pleased to officially open the nomination period for the Spring ’14 class of Force.com MVPs.

Women in Tech: Master Dancer, Masters in Technology, Master Force.com Instructor

Leah McGowen-Hare was introduced to programming at an early age, but grew up wanting to be a dancer, not a programmer, and certainly not a teacher like her parents. Fate had other plans, and she found her niche as a technical trainer. She still dances in her off hours, and she also spends her time volunteering her skills to help others find their niche on the Salesforce1 Platform.

From Idea to Product in 5 Months: Hackathon – The Spark That Lit The Fire

The Dreamforce 2013 Hackathon was Challenging! A team of two + new technologies + a full schedule of meetings and presentations = the best of times + the worst of times. Our goal for the Hackathon was to develop a proof-of-concept mobile customer-engagement solution using newly-released iBeacon proximity sensing technology. Fast forward 5 months…

Clicktools Sponsor Success: Growing & Evolving Alongside Dreamforce

Clicktools & Dreamforce Meet Clicktools Clicktools enables you to collect customer information through surveys, scripts, and forms, and then centralize that data in your CRM system. Salesforce users voted them the #1 survey application five years in a row. They were one of the first companies on the Salesforce AppExchange, and have been sponsoring Dreamforce […]

App Foundations: The Data Model


You have probably heard that the Salesforce1 Platform is the fastest path from idea to app. I have been working with the Salesforce platform over the last seven years as a customer, admin, in salesforce.com customer support, and as a sales engineer, and I have seen over and over how fast app development can be. […]

Force.com SOQL Best Practice: Sort Optimization

Force.com SOQL Best Practice: Sort Optimization

Do you have a SOQL query or a report that takes a long time to complete because you are querying data from an object that has tens of millions of rows, yet your business requirements won’t allow you to add a selective filter? Read on to learn more about sort optimization, a simple technique that many developers and architects overlook when applying SOQL performance tuning best practices.

See Your Visualforce Pages on TV with Chromecast!

With a $35 Google Chromecast and the ‘Visualforce on Chromecast’ app, you can display any Visualforce Page on any HD TV or monitor – perfect for your conference booth, office, or den!

Control Your Quadcopter Drone Fleet with Salesforce1

Let’s say — hypothetically —  your VP of Drone Fleet Operations just asked you to help her handle drone management, route planning, payload optimization and more. What do you do? Well, there’s a few approaches to tackling the problem. Approach #1 is all about controlling drones using the Salesforce1 Mobile app. That’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Women in Tech: Keep Trying and You Will Become a Force.com Developer

Carolina Ruiz-Medina loves geeky stuff and fashion. She brought both of those passions to Dreamforce ’13 and recently launched a new blog: Carol Code and Vogue. She’s making a big impact in the Force.com community, and it’s all the more impressive because her love of computing began in a little village in Spain. She shares her story.