Salesforce OAuth2 Made Easy For Native iOS Apps

Add salesforce oauth2 authentication to your native swift app in 2 minutes with the OAuthSwift GitHub repo.


Building a Lightning Connect Proof of Concept

One developer shares his first-hand experiences in connecting their organization’s Sales Cloud with on-premise corporate business systems to create related lists of invoices grouped by account, and accessed in real-time.


Displaying Reports in Salesforce1 Using Lightning Components, jQuery Mobile and the Analytics API.

Learn how to display a basic report built with jQuery mobile, Lightning Components, and the Analytics API inside of the Salesforce1 mobile app.


BulkTK – Calling the Bulk API from Visualforce Pages

Building on the JavaScript REST Toolkit (ForceTK), 'BulkTK', a Bulk API JavaScript toolkit, allows you to manipulate thousands of records at a time from JavaScript in the browser. Learn about its creation and try it out!


Handling Custom Events in the Lightning Component Framework

Learn about the mechanisms provided for working with custom events in the Lightning Component Framework.


#SFWITWednesday: Teaching With Girls Who Code Is A Great Way to Volunteer

One of the perks working at Salesforce is Volunteer Time Off (VTO). Salesforce essentially pays me to go do volunteer work for four hours a month, or 6 days a year. I’m a female developer at Salesforce. I had been toying with the idea of teaching at a coding club for my VTO; however the thought of facing a classroom full of high school girls was intimidating. Will they relate to me? What if they end up hating my class? Do I really want to subject myself to this? I thought about it for a long while before taking the plunge with Girls Who Code, which is a non-profit organization that does background checks on their instructors, trains them via online videos, provides curriculum, and supports the clubs throughout the academic year. I’ve now been teaching for 6 months, and it’s been an awesome experience!


Announcing the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack for Apple Watch

Today Apple announced the availability of the Apple Watch, the latest in the rise of wearable devices. The time has never been better to start building wearable apps for the enterprise. Last year we launched Salesforce Wear to kick start enterprise development, and in support of the Apple Watch launch we have added our latest […]


Build Reporting Apps Using Lightning Components and the Salesforce Analytics API

This post sets the stage for using Salesforce1 Lightning and the reporting API for Apex to make a reporting app. It gives a brief intro to Lightning components, and describes how to get data out of the analytics API.


Salesforce1 Lightning Components – Working with Controllers

The Lightning Component framework allows developers to define client-side controllers with methods that respond to client and server-side events. Learn how different controller types works together in a component.


Spring 2015 Salesforce Hack Day

Salesforce has been ranked the most innovative company four years in a row! One reason may be our strong “intra-preneur” spirit: where creative ideas and the inner drive to achieve them is well matched. Our tri-annual Hackday provides anyone in Technology and Products (not just engineers) the opportunity to take 24 hours to show off their skills. This time around, we had the most participation we've ever seen!