Lightning Process Builder Hot Topics: Q&A with Product Manager, Shelly Erceg

Learn how Process Builder can help you manage bulk handling issues, how to move processes between orgs, choose the right automation tool, and more using these tips and techniques from Product Manager, Shelley Erceg.


Creating a Salesforce Lightning Map Component

Learn how to create a Map component using Lightning Components. Step-by-step instructions and source code provided. This component also shows how to load external Javascript libraries and CSS stylesheets using the ltng:require tag.


Get Hands-on with Trailhead LIVE in San Francisco

Here's your invitation to Trailhead LIVE in San Francisco on April 16, where you can learn to build Salesforce apps and get in-person instruction.


Building Apps with the Lightning Components JavaScript API

Learn how to build client-side apps using the Lightning Components JavaScript API.


The DevZone Call for Presentations is Live!

The DevZone Call for Presentations is live and will help us understand what you want to present at DF15. Check out this blog for tips and examples to help you build your CFP submission.


Field Audit Trail, a Briefing for ISVs

Field Audit Trail, GA with Spring '15, expands the field history tracking capabilities of the platform and provides long term retention of that history. This blog post guides ISVs in how to leverage Field Audit Trail for their customers.


Design Native Mobile Apps With Sketch

One of the biggest challenges I hear when building mobile apps is "how do I design them?" While there is definitely a art in designing beautiful mobile apps, you don't have to be professional graphic designer to make a good looking app. But it does take a little bit of knowledge on what makes good […]


Overcommitting in Agile: (Part 2) 11 Practical Solutions

In part 1 of this Overcommitting in Agile series, I outlined the challenges that can result from overcommitting. I contended that we should prioritize product throughput over resource utilization to ensure we’re delivering features our customers love faster. In this blog, we’ll explore that further and I’ll also propose 11 practical solutions to combat overcommitting.


Introducing Catter: Connect to Your Cat Like Never Before

Learn all about Catter, cat collaboration for today’s modern feline. Plus get paws-on with a free tutorial!


Overcommitting in Agile: (Part 1) The Perils

In 30 years developing software, managing organizations, and coaching Agile teams and organizations, I’ve observed and coached dozens of teams where overcommitting is a strong reality. I’ve seen sprint plans with planned velocities that were 2x or more than the team’s average historical velocity. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why overcommitting happens and what it results in. Then in part two, we’ll cover what the likely root cause behind overcommitment is and explore some ideas to try to avoid overcommitting going forward. Overcommitting is not specific to any one company.