#DF16 Developer Forest Day 4

Every year Dreamforce seems to outdo itself, and Dreamforce '16 was one for the ages - all ages. The Trailhead theme of parks and wilderness, coupled with Astro, Codey, and the other cute denizens of the Developer Forest, really brought out the youthful, eager explorer in all of us. It was a fun, jam-packed week, and we […]

#DF16 Developer Forest Day 3

Developer Keynote The highlight of the day was certainly the Developer Keynote. We'll recap some of the main points here, but rather than make you feel like you totally missed out, you can watch the live recording here. Srini Tallapragada, our president of technology, shared how the cloud has ushered in a new era where adoption is the new […]

Salesforce DX = UX for Developers

I talked to Wade Wegner, VP of Product Management for Salesforce DX, to ask him a few questions about exciting new changes coming soon to the Salesforce developer experience. Wade, tell me a little about Salesforce DX Salesforce DX helps developers build together in teams. In many ways, it brings together the best of the […]

#DF16 Developer Forest Day 2

The second day of Dreamforce was awesome, and if you spent most of your time at the Campground or in Marc's amazing keynote, you may have missed the forest for the trees. The Developer Forest, that is! So let's do a quick recap on some highlights from the Forest, and some coming attractions you won't want to […]

#DF16 Developer Forest Day 1

If a tree fell in the forest, and nobody was there, would it make a sound? Well it would if the tree fell in the Developer Forest! We started Dreamforce off with a bang, and it seemed like everyone was in the Developer Forest to hear it. Here's a quick recap of some of the highlights. The Trailhead Quest […]

Dreamforce ‘16: Visit Startup Valley in the Developer Forest

Salesforce for Startups, our global startup program, invites you to visit Startup Valley. We’re located in the Developer Forest, in Moscone West, on the 1st Floor. Within the Valley, you’ll find more than 35 startups, each with a compelling and inspiring story. In addition, we have some really special events for you on Tuesday and […]

New Lightning Support in the Force.com IDE – and Everywhere!

If you aren’t already familiar with the Force.com IDE, it's a powerful desktop tool suite for building Salesforce applications. The IDE helps you build together with your team, creating Salesforce applications fast, with powerful industry-standard tooling. Salesforce Engineering was able to create the new Lightning Experience UI using an advanced Lightning Code Editor. We've improved it, and […]

Dreamforce 2016: Welcome Back to the IoT Cabin!

As Dreamforce quickly approaches, I wanted to take this time to give a synopsis of what we are bringing to the IoT Cabin this year. The IoT Cabin is the latest evolution of the area started by Reid Carlberg many years ago, given its Cabin-esque features by Pat Patterson last year and has now fallen to me to organize this year. The goal for the area was simple - build and expand on the experience Dreamforce attendees have increasingly grown to expect. The Internet of Things is a curiosity to some developers, a cutting edge industry to others, and a wealth of opportunities to more. This year we made a special effort to showcase a diversity of solutions to give developers a sense of what is possible.

Introducing Apache Kafka on Heroku: Event-Driven Architecture for the Cloud Era


Integrating disparate data silos is one of the essential functions of an enterprise system.  Perhaps you have CRM data in Salesforce, and customer managed profile information in an external customer portal but the data needs to be synchronized.  In the past there were two primary methods for integrating data silos:  The first generation of enterprise […]

Microsoft at Dreamforce. Learn. New. Stuff.

As the partnership between Microsoft and Salesforce continues to grow, Microsoft is delighted to have a presence at Dreamforce '16. We have sessions to show how you can create Salesforce connected apps on Windows Platform, and how to reuse code from your old Win32 apps and deploy them to the Windows Store to reach a […]