Announcing Salesforce’s Partnership with Girl Develop It

Are you considering a career change and seeing "Salesforce experience" on job postings? Kickstart your Salesforce App Cloud training with a 1-day in-person Intro to App Building class with Girl Develop It.

Introducing App Cloud Mobile

Every mobile application has core requirements like identity management, data security, data integration, social integration, offline support, analytics, etc. But with App Cloud Mobile, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel: You get a trusted implementation of these application services, configurable in a metadata-driven point-and-click environment. For the right use cases, App Cloud Mobile even […]

Salesforce Console Performance in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

This is an update to the previous blog we published in October 2013. In that blog, we compared performance of the Salesforce Console in a number of browsers: Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Chrome and Firefox. In the releases since the 2013 blog, we have invested significant effort to improve performance of the Salesforce Console. Especially starting […]

Salesforce Developers at GIDS 2016

The India Developer Community is the second largest in the world after the US. We've always wanted to play a part in the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS), the largest developer conference in India, with 4000+ attendees every year, and this year Salesforce made a splash as a platinum sponsor. GIDS had a footfall of about 5000 attendees […]


Meet DreamHouse, the new App Cloud Sample App

With the Salesforce App Cloud, you can build any type of application: HR, Finance, Commerce, Loyalty, Inventory, etc. And you can create your application faster than with any other platform, because you can build most of it without code. 80% Code Free Every application has core requirements like identity management, data entry, data security, analytics, […]

Upcoming Maintenance on Developer Edition Sign-up for Summer ‘16

Heads up, Salesforce Developers and #AwesomeAdmins – we’ll be performing maintenance on our sign-up infrastructure this weekend to bring the Summer ’16 update to new Developer Editions and Admin Playgrounds. During this maintenance window you will not be able to sign up for brand-new accounts but you WILL be able to access your existing accounts. […]


How to Win Prizes at TrailheaDX

Some folks can’t turn down a challenge, are you one of them? If you’re joining us June 7-8th for TrailheaDX in San Francisco…then you’ll want to know about the Trailhead Quest and all the other fun ways attendees can win prizes. Your Quest, should you choose to accept it Watch a demo: There are more […]

Remote Process Invocation – Continuations

When you implement Salesforce, you frequently need to integrate it with other applications. Although each integration scenario is unique, there are common requirements and issues that developers must resolve. This document describes one of the patterns (and others coming soon!!) for these common integration scenarios. Each pattern describes the design and approach for a particular […]

Integrating With Salesforce Using Scala

Java developers are quickly moving to Scala, because it's easier and faster to write, but compiles into Java-compatible byte code. Scala is like Python, but as fast as Java, and allows you to use existing Java libraries. To use Scala with Salesforce, you use the REST API, which allows you to access any object within Salesforce and […]

Streaming Salesforce Events to Heroku Kafka

Heroku recently announced the new Apache Heroku Kafka service making it possible to have a managed and distributed commit log in the cloud. Apache Kafka was originally developed at LinkedIn, and provides a high-throughput and low-latency event-based system. (Note: For more details on what a "distributed commit log" is and why LinkedIn created Kafka, check […]