Modern Architectures: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Cloud. Mobile. Big Data. Data Science. Internet of Things (IoT). We know that these trends are harnessing ubiquitous technological power to connect to nearly everything  - bringing a world of opportunity for businesses to build apps that connect employees, partners, data, and even products, in ...


BART Backtracker App and Salesforce PTOn! Part 1

In part 1, Nadeem Aboobaker talks about how the BART Backtracker mobile web app ( came to be. In the much-anticipated part 2, he talks about how he created the app. Introduction to PTOn! You may think that the best thing about working at Salesforce is the perks - endless snacks, concerts, onsite fitness center, […]


Join us for the Summer of Trailhead!

This summer you can join your local developer or user group to get hands-on learning Salesforce with Salesforce Trailhead!

Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials Part 2: Restore Strategies and Processes – by Sovan Bin

Sovan Bin from shares his insights into restore processes and strategies in his second article in a series on backup and restore.


Building Custom “Loading..” Spinners In Lightning Components

In this blog we'll see how easy it is to use Lightning Components framework build a "Spinner" component that provides 7 different types of "Loading..." indicators. This component can then be easily be used in any other Lightning app.


Does Imposter Syndrome exist for software engineering roles?

Examining imposter syndrome from a tester/quality engineer perspective.


Understanding System Events In Lightning Components – Part 2

Lightning Components framework fires several system events. In this blog we'll look into what set of System events are fired in what scenario. This helps us keep business logic in appropriate event handlers.

Lightning Components: Creating a Rating Component using SVG

In this new era of customer and employee engagement, the ability of rating things, services, and people is everywhere. So I thought it would be useful to create a rating component for Lightning. Why SVG? Rating components are sometimes implemented by swapping images to represent the star's selected and unselected state. Using SVG is a […]

Salesforce field indexes

Know Thy Salesforce Field Indexes for Fast Reports, List Views, and SOQL

Creating selective, optimizable filter conditions that target indexed fields is key when you want to run fast Salesforce reports, list views, and SOQL queries. But how do you know which fields in your database have indexes? Read this short blog post to learn the easiest way to identify both standard and custom fields that have the indexes.

Lightning Components: Creating a Carousel Component

Lightning Components comes with a series of ready-to-use components. If the component you are looking for is not available out-of-the-box (or on the AppExchange), you can easily build your own: You can build components from scratch, or you can Lightningify existing third-party components that were not originally built for Lightning. In this article, I’ll share […]