DevZone Welcome Meetups at Dreamforce 2015

Please join us at the DevZone Welcome Reception! New this year: affinity group meetups and nonprofit/pro bono mixer.


Girl Develop It + Salesforce = Community Success

Guest post from Jayvin Arora about his experience as teaching assistant for Salesforce's first workshop with Girl Develop It.


DevZone Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss at Dreamforce 2015

Here are some late-breaking Dreamforce 2015 DevZone sessions and some other geeky goodness that I think you will dig.

Discover the World of Connected Products in the Developer Zone IoT Area!

This year's Developer Zone will feature more sponsors, more workshops and a cornucopia of connected products, each one of them integrated with Salesforce and/or Heroku. Here's a run down of the products on show.

Security predicates using custom permissions

Wave Security Predicates using Custom Permissions

In Wave, row-level security is enforced using predicates, and it works a bit like this: <dataset column> <operation> <value> You can go for simple comparisons or get sophisticated and apply security at a record owner, role-based or even team-based level.  For the skinny on that, see this post: But... once you go down that road, it […]

Stock Market Updates Lightning Component

In this article, I will be showing you how to build a stock quote Lightning Component with HighChartTable chart and Yahoo's YQL(Yahoo Query Language) web service. You can use this component to see Stock Market Updates of any Company and of any StockExchange provided by the Yahoo API. YQL is like SOQL language that allows […]


Creating a jQuery application using the REST API

The REST API is a powerful web service API that allows you to interact with Its advantages include ease of integration and development, and it’s an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile applications and Web 2.0 projects. This article will guide you through the process of creating a simple jQuery application that […]


Are You Ready for the New Lightning Experience?

16 years, 48 product releases, thousands of features, millions of happy users — it's been an incredible journey here at Salesforce. Together with our partners, we've changed business for the better and brought innovation to life.


Lightning Connect Custom Adapters and MongoDB

Summer '15 Platform Release brought us the awesome Lightning Connect Custom Adapters: you can connect to external data sources and use them as custom Salesforce Objects writing custom Apex code. After I read Introducing Lightning Connect Custom Adapters by Lawrence McAlpin, I wanted to get my hands dirty and try to implemented my own version […]