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Building Multi-Sensory Apps that Connect IoT to Business Processes

The Internet of Things opens a new world of experiences and deep connectivity for both consumers and businesses. Always-on sensor streams, big data, and machine learning are dramatically changing the kinds of experiences software developers are building. These changes require those of us who build software to think differently about what software is and how […]


Learn Salesforce with Trailhead: new trails and content!

Trailhead just got an Extreme Makeover with the biggest update since last year's Dreamforce! See what's new.


Salesforce at Microsoft Build

 Imagine what you can Build Earlier this month, Salesforce participated in Microsoft's annual Build developer conference which welcomed over 5,000 Microsoft developers to the Bay Area. As part of our ongoing strategic partnership with Microsoft, Salesforce took part in multiple activities throughout the week which included sponsoring a booth in the Partner Area, presenting in […]

Queueable Apex: More Than an @future

The Salesforce Winter '15 platform release brought us the new Queueable Apex interface. This interface is a cool new way to execute asynchronous computations on the platform, given you already know @future, Scheduled Apex Jobs, and Batch Jobs. Here's a practical use case.

Salesforce Connected Services

Salesforce Connected Services in Visual Studio

One of the hardest parts of building modern applications and integrations is dealing with the multitude of services that companies depend on everyday.  More and more applications are moving to the SaaS model.  The modern enterprise developer is creating "mash-ups" between home grown internal applications and cloud based business applications.  For instance, you may be […]

Creating Lightning Components by Salesforce University

Creating Lightning Components: Component Based Architecture

Don Robins continues the series on creating Creating Lightning Components (4 of 6), discussing the benefits of loose coupling in a component based architecture.


Supercharge your Salesforce experience with Trialforce – Part 1

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you’ve built an amazing solution on the Salesforce1 Platform and are ready to sell it to the world, but how would you go about it?

Loading External JavaScript And CSS Libraries To Lightning Components

ltng:resource is a new Lightning Component that makes it trivial to load 3rd party JavaScript and CSS to a component. This blog shows how to use ltng:resource.


Integrating with Salesforce: A primer for ISVs

Looking to get started integrating your solution with Salesforce? There’s a lot of information out there, so it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together some useful information below to provide a quick rundown on what to consider when starting to integrate with Salesforce.


Developer Success Story – Rexlo Joe

From New Delhi to New York with How a Developer Used Salesforce to Succeed on Wall Street Rexlo Joe has come a long way from Tamil Nadu, the southern India state he once called home. As lead architect for the Navatar Group, Joe now supervises a 80-person team in New Delhi from his Wall […]