A Sneak Peek & A Surprising Coincidence

I’ve been quiet over the last few weeks, so today is a fun day: I get to give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on.

It’s called AppExchange Checkout and it’s a new way to buy and sell apps for our platform.  When you set up a listing, we can now help you complete sales and process payments.  We’ve partnered with recurrent billing expert Recurly to make this happen, so you’ll also get a very powerful subscriber management system out of the box.

Here’s what your customers will see when they decide to try your app (click to enlarge):

Pretty sweet, right?

You know what’s even sweeter?  Well here’s a hint.  I have the distinct pleasure of making a very special announcement on Thursday March 15.

Hey, that’s the same day as Cloudforce San Francisco & Cloudstock.

What a surprising coincidence!

That’s it for now.  You’re going to love AppExchange Checkout.  And, if you’re a developer, you’re going to love what I get to tell you about on Thursday.

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  • I love it already. Yet another great move to lower the barriers for prospective ISV partners!

  • Chris

    very interesting this checkout but where does it happen when you create a new listing? Or is it still not “live” because I just created a new listing and I didn’t see any option for that?

  • What the cost structure? Taking a percentage of the amount billed or something else? I’m guessing I’ll have to wait till Thursday.

  • Naveen Gabrani

    Look forward to seeing more details on this. Will it be possible to have some arrangement for annual/monthly billing.

  • This is awesome Reid, thank you !.

    One question, and I may be jumping ahead but … will this be available for ISVs located outside the US ?. This is of course quite important because of legal and tax issues.

    • Yes, it is available for users located outside of the US. Check out the docs over on Recurly, the service that’s providing the mechanics for it. http://docs.recurly.com/