It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2012 AppExchange Checkout Grab The Gold Developer Challenge.

AppExchange Checkout is a great way for developers to launch and sell apps to Salesforce customers around the world.  Learn how to publish your first app on AppExchange Checkout and discover what it’s like to sell apps via Checkout from a developer’s point of view.

Grand Prize – $10,000 and a free Dreamforce pass – Cazoomi for Drag, Drop and Upload Multiple Attachments / Documents / Contents.

“We founded Cazoomi to help businesses who hate dealing with tedious tasks,” explains Clint Wilson, CEO. “Building apps on Salesforce has opened a whole new world of cool customers who have found & love our products as well as our Salesforce team who build them!”

From the listing, “This app allows one to quickly add (upload) multiple attachments (like screen shots of cases or sales orders to opportunities) against any standard or custom object or add (upload) documents or add (upload) contents by using drag and drop behavior.”

Second Prize – $5,000 and a free Dreamforce pass – RGB Technologies for Email Scheduler.

“Using the AppExchange has been fantastic for app discovery,” said Amrik Randhawa of RGB Technologies. “Checkout takes it a step further by making billing a breeze”

From the listing, “Email Scheduler provides easy, intuitive email scheduling, integrated right into Salesforce. Perfect for individual or batch emails, one-time scheduling or recurring transmissions, Email Scheduler is the simple solution to your email scheduling needs.”

Third Prize – $2,500 – Cloud Artillery for Lead Speed.

“I was able to focus on delivering a great app,” notes Javi Mendezona, CEO, “and didn’t have to worry about setting up the whole payment process. This saved me a ton of time. Oh – and I just landed my biggest deal today!”

From the listing, “Lead Speed enables sales reps to qualify more leads, faster. With a simple, intuitive user interface, reps will be able to SEE and WORK all of their leads on one impeccably organized page.”

Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations to everyone who launched an app on the AppExchange as part of this event.  See the full list here.

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