Setting up your Ruby on Rails environment for


Like many of you, I was excited about the announcement regarding Heroku at Dreamforce.  I wanted to learn more about Ruby and Heroku and what better way to learn a new programming language than to write and deploy an application.  Though I found the getting started article useful, it assumes you have a working environment.  This article shows you how you can easily setup a working environment on a windows machine. 

The Big Picture

Before we get started, it is useful to understand how the toolkit fits into the overall Ruby environment. Ruby is a programming language  and Rails is a web application framework.  The… Continue reading

If you build it, will they come?

Great user experience takes time, but the rewards are worth it. Examples like TiVo, Google Maps, and iPhone show the impact a great user experience can have on user adoption and how influential it can be to the industry. Killer apps change the game, and they start with a great user experience.

At Cloudforce 2010, Ian Swinson from our UE team and I spoke about the User Experience Best Practices at For those of you who missed the session or are looking for a recap, here's a link to the presentation. The goal of the session was to… Continue reading

Designing a Killer User Experience


User experience is more than the app, it's everything before, during and after. You want to be sure your app is compelling from the moment a prospect is introduced, to when your customer is using it everyday as part of their business.  Are you writing apps?  Do you want to know more about user experience?  Well I'll be co-presenting with Ian Swinson (our resident User Experience expert) on User Experience Best Practices: How to Build Apps Users Will Love. The goal for this session is to help you understand how approaches user experience and how you… Continue reading

De-mystifying & optimizing view state

HTTP is a stateless protocol.  Your Visualforce pages though may need to maintain state across multiple HTTP requests / postbacks.  Visualforce automatically does this for you with view state making your job as a developer easier.  Find out more about what is in view state, the new view state inspector in Summer '10 and best practices for optimizing view state for page performance in this article … Continue reading

Developer Force discounts for eBay’s Dev Con


Jon Jessup, a partner and active member in our community, is teaming up with our very own Dave Carroll to present, "Leveraging the Power of the Force" at eBay's Developer Conference. eBay has shared a promo code to the Developer Force community to take advantage of a discounted rate for their Dev Con. To register for the $99 special, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click  
  3. Use this promo code: SFDEV

You can catch Dave and Jon's session Wednesday, June 9th at 11:10am. Enjoy the conference!… Continue reading

Design an Aloha App!

Today we announced Aloha Apps on the AppExchange. Aloha Apps have been given special permissions allowing:

  • Apps to run Apex Code in GE and PE
  • Apps to be immune to Custom Apps, Objects, and Tabs limits
  • Some of these apps will have the ability to leverage the Web Service API for PE and now GE

Do you have an idea and want to build an Aloha App that will work for GE and PE? If so, check out this article on Designing an Application for Group and Professional Edition. GE and PE do not support all the features found in DE, EE and UE… Continue reading

My “Top 10 Favorites” of 2009


As 2009 comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing of all the great things that occurred over the past year. So for your reading enjoyment, I present my "Top 10 Favorites" of 2009.

10.  Dreamforce 2009 – The one time in the year where I can hang out with over 19,000 Salesforce and users. If you didn't get to attend, or just need a refresher on the latest announcements and technologies, check out the recorded keynotes and sessions. 

9. Three major releases to Salesforce Apps (Sales Cloud & Service Cloud) and (Custom Cloud)… Continue reading

Chatter and Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

One of the things that stuck me while watching the Chatter presentation and demo  was the asynchronous and event driven nature of the collaboration taking place.  As an example, any number of activities happening at your customer account – identification of a new opportunity, a project being completed, etc. can be treated as event that can be handled by the right people or system which in turn could trigger additional events and so on. 

Let us look at a few of the attributes of this style of interaction.

  • The entity(either a person or a system) triggering the event just broadcasts/publishes the event without any knowledge of who may be interested in that -

Chatter – this changes everything!

As you may have heard announced a new platform for enterprise collaboration called Chatter.  Most people have access to cooler, newer technologies in their homes compared to what they are forced to use at work – slower machines, restricted set of phones they can use and e-mail being the primary way to collaborate.  In terms of collaboration, the consumer web has moved much, much ahead – so much so that most high school and college students now primarily use facebook and other social media tools to communicate with each other.  What if the same collaboration paradigm is bought inside the enterprise keeping the… Continue reading

Adobe Flex and some great coffee

Flex enables you to make your applications visually compelling by incorporating animation and rich media into your user interface.  If you are here at Dreamforce, I would strongly encourage you to stop by the Stratus Cafe where you will get a chance to see some really cool applications – the range of things you can do with your UI is truly amazing.  And as an added bonus, they have a Batista brewing some strong coffee – so you can get your caffeine fix as well.

I am co-presenting two sessions around bringing and Flex together for your applications.  The… Continue reading