I came across the following thread asking for Documentation on how to Implement Email Services to post to a Case. This feature is powerful and the benefits are great. With Email to Apex, you can instantly convert any inbound email and automatically create a Case record in your Salesforce org.

There is a page on Force.com Email Services that illustrates an Email to Task example. In the thread, I took this example and updated it to work with the Case object. Plus, I added some logic that creates the Case, even if the inbound email address does not exist as a Contact. With the new code, you can create Cases from new and existing emails.

What's even better! In Spring '09 Release, you can do the same without having to write any Apex Code. Check out this blog for more.

Force.com is such a powerful platform, that many times you find multiple ways to do the same thing. Hopefully with this blog, you'll understand a couple options. Thanks werewolf for pointing out the new Spring '09 feature and thanks MATTYBME for sharing your experience setting up the Spring '09 Email-to-Case as a Service.

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  • http://crmfyi.com Jeff Grosse

    I put this feature in place almost the moment Spring 09 went live. So far, it’s worked great.

  • Malathi

    When we use email to case functionality, subject line of the email is taken in case correctly, whereas the description is full of some dummy HTML codes.. Anybody have any idea why it is happening so?