As a developer, you already understand the value and power of the cloud. But do you often find yourself trying to explain these benefits to others? Be it a fellow employee, manager or friend, there are Pi
still many people out there unfamiliar with cloud computing. To help clarify, recently put together an informative and entertaining video about cloud computing (approximately ? minutes long).

Check it out and share with others, so we can start educating more on the subject. Click here to learn more.

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  • Yaniv

    Nice, but to really get the message through, once you talk to mid size businesses + which already made the infrastructure investment, then you have to dig into the multi tenancy arguments as well as the meta data components to get your more versed interlocuters to hear you and not think it’s another buzz. we need more technical toolkits and white papers about the architecture, because IT managers and decision makers we meet are really interested to understand how the software works and why it takes less time to build apps.

  • Sati Hillyer

    Hi Yaniv,
    Anyone looking for more about multitenancy, I recommend two great resources to share: Multitenant Architecture Whitepaper –
    Multitenancy Webinar –
    Hope that helps,

  • Kingsley Joseph

    You almost posted at 3:14PM, but if you’d waited a few days, you could have posted it on Pi day: