In Spring '09 Release, we introduced the Critical Update Console to inform Salesforce Admins of periodically released updates that improve the performance, logic, and usability of Salesforce. Starting Monday April 6th, we'll be rolling out the Workflow Rule and Roll-Up Summary Field Evaluations Update.

What is Workflow Rule and Roll-Up Summary Field Evaluations Update?
The Spring '09 Workflow Rule and Roll-Up Summary Field Evaluations Update affects the way Salesforce evaluates workflow rules and roll-up summary fields on objects with Apex triggers. The update improves the accuracy of your data and prevents the reevaluation of workflow rules in the event of a recursion. A recursion is a situation in which a part of your custom logic (an Apex trigger) causes Salesforce to execute other logic (a workflow or roll-up summary field) twice when saving a record, often resulting in undesirable behavior.

Are you affected?
Your app could possibly be impacted if it contains a trigger of type “after update” or “after insert” that performs any of the following:

  • Updates the current record
  • Updates any child record of the current record, and there is a roll-up summary field on the current record
  • Updates any unrelated object that has an Apex trigger which updates the current record

As a result, this update may result in fewer workflow notifications being sent out.

How is this being rolled-out?
All new Spring '09 orgs have already been provisioned with this feature auto-enabled. Starting Monday, April 6th, any existing orgs created prior to Spring '09 will receive this update automatically if they are NOT impacted. If your org is impacted, you will have the option to enable this feature through the Critical Update Console when ready.

By December 1st, 2009, all remaining orgs that have not be enabled, will be auto-enabled. The goal is to provide you with adequate time to update your app to function with this new behavior.

Where can you find more resources?

You can find more resources in the Spring '09 Release Notes and in the Online Help.

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  • beejenny

    Our trigger was triggering the lead assignment rules after insert on leads using Database.DMLOptions.assignmentRuleHeader
    not worked since the updates, any ideas?

  • Sati Hillyer

    This feature should not have auto-enabled if it discovered an apex trigger or assignment rule. I recommend logging a case with support to investigate.
    Best, Sati