If you have commercial intent and your looking to build the next killer app on Force.com, then you're going to want to attend our next Tech Talk. Come join Andrew Smith, our Application Distribution PM discuss what's new with packaging.

With every release, our customers are seamlessly upgraded to the latest version without having to worry about their customizations breaking. The latest enhancements in packaging are going to let you offer this same type of experience to your customers. This means when you release a new version of your Force.com app, your customers can be confident functionality they've built on top of your prior versions will not break. You can continue to release new features while maintaining backwards compatibility.

Application Distribution is a very important area of Force.com and crucial to your commercial success on Force.com. So come and learn what's available today and what's coming! Register now!

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  • Harry Baweja

    Hi Sati, do you have the recorded version now posted for this one? I would be very interested in listening the webcast. Thanks.

  • Sati Hillyer

    Hi Harry,
    The webinar recording for Distributing Applications in the Cloud was posted to the Partner Portal under the Partner Education tab in the Partner Webinar Series. You must be a Partner to access the Partner Portal: http://www.salesforce.com/partnerportal